Hi all, this is my first battle in my first season of battles called 'World War 3', for the upcoming list please check my page!

US National Guard: The United States armed defence force trained and prepared to defend the country from invasion.

Russian Ground Forces: The Russian Federations armed services consisting of more than 300,000 soldiers ready to fight for Russia's call.


US National Guard Use:

Range: Weapon:
Close: Beretta M9
Medium: M16A4 and M4A1
Long: M24 Sniper Rifle
Explosive: M67 Hang Grenade

X-Factor: Unlike their Russian counter-parts, the US National Guard will have an edge that will count, US National Guard units have commonly already engaged in combat that will give them fighting experience and have alot of experience and training in their home enviroment of America and this will play a vital edge in this battle.

  • The Beretta M9.
  • The M16A4.
  • The M4A1.
  • The M24 Sniper Rifle.
  • The M67 Hand Grenade.

Russian Ground Forces Use:

Range: Weapon:
Close: MP-443 Grach
Medium: AK-74M,AKM
Long: SV-98
Explosive: RGO Hand Grenade

X-Factor: Against the US National Guard, this will be a close match, however there is a benefit the Russian have over the US National Guard, Russia has not been in a military engagement for several years, this presents vital time for training and preporation against new foes, this will be a close match.

  • The MP-443 Grach.
  • The AK-74M.
  • The AKM.
  • The SV-98.
  • The RGO Hand Grenade.


US National Guard are the winner, they have been outvoted my the Russian Ground Troops due to their better weaponary and the crucial fact that the Russians are attacking them on their homeland where they most likely trained, this was a close match and hand grenades at the right times played a crucial moment with both sides but in the end, the US National Guard took this by a thin chance.

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