Lt. John J. Dunbar: The fierce Union commander who learned the ways of the Native Americans!

Captain Nathan Algren: The American P.O.W. who learns a lasting respect and dedication to the Japanese during a samurai rebellion! WHO IS DEADLIEST?

Lt. John J. Dunbar

  • John with his Colt
  • John with his Henry rifle

Short Range: Colt 1851 Navy
Mid Range: 12-Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun Muzzleloader
Long Range: Henry 1860
Special: Tomahawk
X-Factor: Fights on horseback, skilled in Native American combat

Captain Nathan Algren

  • Nathan with his Smith & Wesson
  • Nathan with his Colt
  • Nathan with his Winchester

Short Range: Colt 1860 Army Richards-Mason Conversion
Mid Range: Smith & Wesson Schofield
Long Range: Winchester Model 1873
Special: Yumi Bow
X-Factor: Disciplined fighter, knows well the ways of Bushido

Remember guys... GOOD VOTES ONLY!


Lt. John J. Dunbar is riding his horse down a grassy plain, tomahawks strapped across his back and Colt in hand. An arrow whizzes by his face and spins out of sight down the plain. Dunbar spins his head and sees nothing. He slows his horse down to a trot and goes back to investigate, Colt aimed outward.

Another arrow comes out from a bush and hits Dunbar in the thigh. Dunbar yells, startling his horse, which jumps up and throws him to the ground before running off. Dunbar curses and shoots his revolver into the bush several times. He comes a little closer and is tackled to the ground by something.

Captain Nathan Algren throws his Yumi bow to the side and punches Dunbar in the face. Dunbar knees Algren in the groin, causing him to roll over in pain. Dunbar whacks Algren in the leg with the butt of his pistol, but Algren takes out his Colt and Smith & Wesson pistols and fires twice with each. Dunbar stumbles back, wounded in the shoulder and the leg. He staggers over to where his horse had dropped his other weapons and picks up the shotgun.

Algren backs up at the sight of the shotgun and shoots a few more times, trying to knock the shotgun out of Dunbar's hands, but the fear of the weapon causes him to miss. Algren turns back and begins to sprint away, but he trips over a root and sprains a wrist trying to break the fall. Dunbar tosses the shotgun aside and laughs while he takes out his tomahawks. He bends down almost lovingly and is about to scalp Algren, but the captain rolls over, grabs his Winchester, and fires. Dunbar stares at the hole in his chest, shocked, and falls forward dead.

Algren shakes the pain from his wrist and takes the tomahawks as a war prize before he limps off to find more prey.


Expert's Opinion:

Algren won because he was much more disciplined and his weaponry could shoot faster and at longer ranges than those guns of Dunbar's.

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