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Pirate vs Ming Warrior

Wassboss November 9, 2011 User blog:Wassboss

Pirate: The terrors of the high seas who loved to loot and kill


Ming Warrior: The merciless 14th Century weapons innovators.

Who is Deadliest

Close range: Boarding Axe and Cutlass
Mid range: Blunderbuss and Flintlock pistol
Long range: Brown Bess Musket
Special weapon: Cannon
Explosive: Grenado

Ming Warrior
Close range: Nangseon and Dao
Mid range: Three Barrel Pole cannon and Reapeating Crossbow
Long range: Ming Matchlock Musket
Special weapon: Nest of bees
Explosive: Mechanical Landmine

This will be an 8 on 8 battle.


Full Votes count as 1 vote

Bad votes count as 1/2

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