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Battle vs. Zombie Hunters (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Zombie Hunters: Red Red Red Red Red

Vampire Slayers: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Out in the middle of nowhere, an old cabin with sand bags and barbed wire stands alone. Inside, five zombie hunters are looking over there weapons. Suddenly, they hear a horn in the distence. They go outside and see a SUV parking nearby. They open the gate to the yard, thinking there survivers. Meanwhile, five vampire slayers come out and see the hunters. They see the hunters as a threat. As one of the hunters welcomes the slayers in, one of the slayers shoots him with a crossbow. Red

The other zombie hunters see this and rush inside and grab there weapons. From the back of the SUV, the Slayers pickup there tools of the trade. The crossbow slayer runs to the back of the cabin, hopeing to sneak in. But one of the zombie hunters hears him coming. So he bursts out the backdoor and kills the vampire slayer with his minigun. Blue One of the zombie hunters goes to an upstairs window. He opens it, pulls out his AK 47 and shoots a vampire slayer. Blue

One of the vampire slayers picks up a shotgun and walks towards the house, dodging AK bullets. When he gets close enough, he shoots the zombie hunter in the head. Red

The shotgun slayer goes inside the cabin and looks for more hunters. From all the way back to the SUV, the slayers hear reving and the screams of there comrade. They go inside and see the shotgun slayer was cut almost in half by a chainsaw. Blue

One of the vampire slayers sees the zombie hunter with the chainsaw. The slayer sneaks up behind the hunter and stabs a stake through his skull. Red The other remaining slayer goes upstairs while the first slayer waits in the SUV. Upstairs, the vampire slayer sees a zombie hunter. The slayer pulls out the Sword of St. George while the hunter picks up her crowbar. The two femme fatales duel, but the slayer gets the upper hand by catching one of the crowbar's ends, knocks it out of the hunters hand, and stabs her with the sword. Red

The slayer smirks until she looks and sees the minigun hunter with a smirk of his own when he pulls the trigger. Blue

Back at the SUV, the last vampire slayer waits for his partner. Suddenly, the driver's side window breaks and the vampire slayers is wacked in the face to death by a crowbar. Blue

The Zombie Hunter smiles and starts singing "Well, you work all day and you work the play in the heat and the sand and the blazing sun. And when you go home and your work is done, you an't got nothing but fun."

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that the Vampire Hunters lost because their weapons only really hurt vampires and were a bit old-fashioned, while the weapons of the Zombie Hunters were not only deadly to anyone but also very battle-efficient.

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Battle vs. Apes (Burtonverse) (by Wassboss)Edit

5 vampire slayers are walking through a forest. They have heard about a strange group of hairy beasts have been prowling this area. Assuming these to be minions of a vampire the vampire slayers have decided to check out the area. Two of them are holding crossbows, two of them are holding shotguns, the last member has the sword of Saint George and they are all armed with stakes. Little do they know they are being watched...?

On top of a hill 5 ape-men have been watching the vampire slayers progress. Two are holding rifles and have them aimed at the slayers. Two of the remaining members have spears and flaming arrows. The leader is also holding his own custom rifle and they all have hand scythes on. “Should i shoot” says one of the rifle apes. “Yes” says the leader “Both of you now”. The ape-men fire their rifles at the same time but only one scores a kill. (5-4)

The vampire slayers are immediately alerted and turn around. Seeing the ape-men behind them both of the two crossbow wielders fire there crossbows puncturing one of the ape-men’s hearts. (4-4)

The ape-men run down the hill and the leader fires his rifle hitting the crossbow wielder right between the eyes. (4-3)

The vampire slayers scatter and the ape-men give chase. One of the ape-corners one of the vampire slayers and stabs her with his spear. (4-2)

He turns and is blasted in the face by the shotgun wielding slayer. (3-2)

He smiles and runs off to find more ape-men. Meanwhile the leader of the vampire hides in the brush and waits until an ape-man runs past. She then jumps out and decapitates him with the sword of Saint George. (2-2)

Meanwhile the other vampire slayer is chasing the ape-man leader. The ape-men leader turns a corner but when the vampire slayers turn’s it he is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly he is struck by an arrow and falls to the ground his clothes burning his corpse. (2-1)

The last remaining vampire slayer turns the same corner but sees the head ape-man in a tree. She aims her crossbow but is rugby tackled by the last ape-man. She growls at him and shoot him in the head at point blank range. (1-1)

The ape-men leader jumps down from the tree and charges at the vampire slayer who pulls out her sword. They duel for a bit before the ape-man stabs her in the arm with the scythe. She drops the sword and pulling out her stake thrusts it at the ape-means heart shouting “die demons”.

The ape-man laughs as the stake is deflected by his armour. “That just didn’t work did it” he says and slices the vampire slayers throat. (1-0) “Pathetic humans” he says and gose to inform general Thade of his success. WINNER: APE_MEN

Expert's OpinionEdit

The ape-men won because with their range advantage they could pick off the vampire slayers before they could get close.

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