There is only one certainty in life. A strong man stands above all and conquers all!
— Vegeta

Vegeta is an antagonist and later supporting character in the anime and manga series, Dragon Ball Z. He is one of the few surviving members of the Saiyan race, a member of its royal bloodline that was off Planet Vegeta before it was destroyed by the interplanetary warlord, Frieza. Vegeta would eventually grow up to serve Frieza himself, and was sent as an agent to Earth in regards to the planet's possession of Dragon Balls alongside other surviving Saiyans such as Nappa and Raditz.

In an explosive battle against Goku and his allies, Vegeta was defeated before he could wreak havoc across the planet, barely escaping with his life. He would later appear as the Z Fighters journeyed to Planet Namek, once again looking for the even more powerful Namekian Dragon Balls, which were said to be able to grant true immortality. Finding himself at odds with Freiza, he allied himself with the Z Fighters out of necessity, returning with them to earth as part of Goku's wish to revive whoever was killed by the warlord on Namek.

After this, Vegeta would become a reluctant and later mainstay ally of the Z Fighters, joining them as they faced major threats to the safety of the citizens of earth. He would also join Goku as part of the few rare Saiyans that could acheive the Super Saiyan transformation after intensive training and a battle against Dr. Gero and his androids, even facing Cell himself before he had attained perfection. He was able to acheive fusionism as well with the Potara Eartings, using it with Goku to defeat the threat of Majin Buu.

In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta still acts as one of the Z Fighters, playing an instrumental role in defeating Golden Frieza and taking part in the Tournaments of Power.

Battle vs. Lobo (by MrPacheco101)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

There was little question on the victor here. Vegeta was far more powerful than Lobo, and was able to take him out in one hit.

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Battle vs. Spawn (cartoon) (by OshBosh)Edit

Vegeta was flying through plains, looking for Goku. Suddenly, a blast of necroplasm came towards him. Vegeta looked up at his attacker and saw Spawn. Vegeta flew at him with a flurry of punches.Spawn then teleported out of the way. Spawn appeared behind him and used his chains to throw him. Vegeta quickly regains balance to dodge Spawns guns shots. Vegeta the uses Gallick Gun and shoots Spawn down. Vegeta is surprised that it didn't hurt him, he then throws a barrage of Ki energy blasts at Spawn and Spawn retaliates by throwing necroplasm. Spawn then uses his suit to take an axe out and goes at Vegeta. Vegeta laughs at this attempt and tries to grab it with his bare hands but Spawn dodges him and slashes Vegetas back. Vegeta feels nothing and Spawn goes at him again but Vegeta uses his telekinesis to stun him, and then punches him hard to the ground.Spawn then sences the amount of sins Vegeta done and Spawn getsmore powerful. Sensing the energy in Spawn, Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyen 2. Vegeta rushes at Spawn but shoots Vegeta with Necroplasm and sends him flying. Spawn feels his wounds healing. Vegeta gets back up ready for more but Spawn teleports behind him and punches him and sends Vegeta down. Spawn then teleports into Vegeta. Vegeta sences him in his body and tries to force him out, but Spawn uses his suit and creates a blade and impales Vegeta from inside out and slices him through. Spawn looks down at his sliced up opponet. "He was a worthy opponet." Spawn though as he flew away.

Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a close match. However, Vegeta's superior strength and speed couldn't hide the fact that Spawn can only be killed by a god and he had no holy weapons. Vegeta also ran into battle without thinking where as Spawn doesn't. Top it all off with Necroplasm magic, a shapeshifting suit and his ability to feed off of sins, Spawn brought all needed to win the battle.

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Battle vs. General Zod (by Sport Shouting)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

The battle was actually a tie. But Zod had the the training and powers edge over Vegeta to claim the win in this fight.

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Disregarded BattlesEdit

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Iron Man (Comics) (by So-Pro Warrior)Edit

At Stark Enterprises Tony Stark is on a buisness call with a boss of a nearby company.

"Look listen Don I know that your buisness is doing well but listen be part of Stark Enterprise and I will make sure that your company does more then well I will make it Perfect." Tony says

"Alright fine I will give you some time to think alright bye now."

Tony hangs up and his assistant Pepper walks in.

"Hey Pepper" Tony says

"Tony what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be out with the Avengers attacking Dr. Doom in his country? Since you know whole he has weapons of Mas Destruction built" Pepper says

"Yeah well they didn't need my help besides War Machine's with them so technically he's taking my spot." Tony says

"Well I should probably go train at least just in case they need me. Pepper hold all of my calls until I'm done" Tony says

Tony puts on the Bleeding Edge armor and is about to head into the training room when a loud explosion rocks the entire city.

"Jarvais statues report!" Tony says

"Sir reports are coming in that a strange Man has appeared out of nowhere and is destroying the city." Jarvais says

"Well I guess training is cancelled." Tony says

Meanwhile in the city Vegeta has found himself in New York and has started going on a rampage trying to find a way back to his world. He looks up in the air to see a man in red armor flying towards him and land right in front of him.

"Hey uhh sorry if you didn't notice but this is a No Destroying City Zone" Tony says

"Out of my way Fool or else feel MY WRATH!!!!" Vegeta says

"Listen I don't know what your problem is since I've never seen you before but how about trying to talk instead of destroying the city." Tony says

Vegeta flies towards Iron Man at full speed and punches Iron Man right in the stomach which sends Iron Man back but he is able to stop from going back further by planting his feet firmly on the ground.

"So not a man of words huh oh well" Tony says

He puts his hands up and fires his Repulsor Rays at Vegeta who is blown back but lands safetly on his knee and looks up at Iron Man and smirks. He puts his hands together and fires his Galick Gun Iron Man who quickly dodges the strike but the force of the blast is strong and forces Iron Man to crash through a wall.

"Man this guys has power better be careful." Iron Man says

He flies outside only to be meet with a punch to the face and retaliates with a punch to Vegeta's face. Both fly back and while Vegeta fires his Galick Gun again Iron Man returns fire with his Repulsor Rays which results in a huge explosion and blows both warriors back. Vegeta recovers quicker and fires his Cosmic Cannon at Iron Man. Tony reacts with a fire from his Uni-beam but the Cosmic Cannon proves to strong and breaks right through and blasts Iron Man through 5 buildings and into Stark Enterprises. Tony manages to get up from the rubble to find the Bleeding Armor destroyed. He yells at Jarvais to evacuate the building and the alarms in Star Enterprises go off. Pepper runs at Tony and gives him his Suitcase Armor and Tony tells Pepper to get to safety. Tony looks to see Vegeta flying at him and Tony quickly attaches the Suitcase Armor to his body and jumps out of the way of Vegeta for Vegeta to fly through the the walls. Vegeta quickly stops and looks back for Iron Man to be standing at the end of the hole in the wall he made and fire the Repulsor Rays at Vegeta and gets blown back. Vegeta gets up from the blast for Iron Man to fly straight at him and punch him right in the stomach and then kick him back making him crash through the walls. Iron Man flies at Vegeta again but Vegeta quickly flies at Iron Man and flies right on top of him and punches Iron Man with both of his hands on Iron Man's back. Which causes Tony to crash right through several floors. The Suitcase armor gets trashed and Tony quickly activates his Extremis armor and as Vegeta flies down towards Iron Man Tony looks up and fires his Uni-beam straight up at Vegeta and blows him through the roof. Tony flies to his room of Iron Man suits and deactivates the Extremis Armor and opens up the door to the Hulkbuster Armor. Vegeta lands right back on the roof and waits for Iron Man to appear. The roof then trembles and Iron Man busts through the roof with his Hulkbuster Armor.

"Alright I have just had about enough of you!" Vegeta says

Vegeta yells in rage and a strange yellow aura like thing appears around him. Tony looks as Vegeta's hair changes to yellow and without knowing Vegeta has gone Super Sayian. Vegeta yells at Iron Man and in a flash of light Iron Man is met with a powerful punch to the stomach. Iron Man retaliates and puts his hands together and hits down on Vegeta releasing him. Vegeta flies up and uppercuts Iron Man and fires his Cosmic Cannon but Iron Man puts a lot of power into the Uni-beam and the result is a huge explosion over New York. Both warriors are blown back. Tony is exhausted from the battle but notices that Vegeta is not. Vegeta smile and starts laughing at Iron Man who gets ready to charge at Vegeta but Vegeta yells in rage Tony flies towards Vegeta but Vegeta powers up and fires his Final Burst Cannon at Iron Man who gets at point blank. The armor is oblierated and Tony yells as he is obliterated by Vegeta's power. Nothing is left of Iron Man and Vegeta yells in victory.

Winner: Vegeta

Expert's OpinionEdit

While Iron Man was Intelligent and more was more Physcologically Healthy. Vegeta had the more better and stronger powers like the Super Sayian and dominated in the Majority of important X-Factors which brought Vegeta to beat the Armored Avenger Iron Man.

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