It is a flat, scary jungle, thick with scrub trees and tall grass... and Viet Cong sniper bullets.
— Nguyen Van Tung, Radio Hanoi
The Viet Cong knew how to attack you from all sides without any warning.
— Tuan Nguyen, Viet Cong expert in Deadliest Warrior

The Viet Cong was a political faction and guerrilla force who battled the South Vietnamese and United States. Their goal was to unite Vietnam and implant a communist government. The group was established in 1960 and took on the title of National Liberation Front to encourage non-communist South Vietnamese to join the group. The Viet Cong staged successful ambushes against the United States and other anti-communist forces. The guerrilla force is most known for their booby traps and fast-paced attack styles. Their most notable operations include the Tet Offensive and an attack on the US Embassy in Saigon. The group was officially dissolved in 1976 after Vietnam was reunited and made into a communist country, although after sustaining heavy casualties in the 1968 Tet Offensive, they were never much of a threat again.

Battle vs. IRA (by Omnicube1)Edit

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen IRA

DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred Viet Cong

Five IRA members are in Vietnam and are demanding a captured Viet Cong operative to them the location of his leader. He refuses and the IRA members torture him with jumper cables. Suddenly, a bullet rips through the jaw of one the IRA operatives. Green One IRA sniper raises his M1 Garand M1C and targets a Viet Cong marksman wielding a Dragunov SVD. The snipers fire at each other but miss. The IRA squad hear screams and come under heavy fire from the Viet Cong. The IRA team leader raises his Browning Hi-Power and finishes off the Viet Cong captive. One IRA member fires his AR-18, killing a Vietnamese assailant. Darkred But one of his comrades raises his Uzi and kills off the Irishman wielding the rifle. Green An IRA operative shoots his Thompson M1921 and wounds the Viet Cong squad leader. While downed, he raises his Stechkin APS, switches it to full-auto, and releases a torrent of bullets at his assailant. Green The two remaining Irishmen fall back into the jungle. The Vietnamese leader yells for his men to fan out and search for them. They pair up and creep through the jungle. Two standard Viet-Cong grunts hear a click. They look-up and see that an IRA member above them has lit the rag to his Molotov Cocktail. He smirks and hurls the incendiary device at them. The two grunts are set ablaze. Darkred Darkred The Viet Cong leader aims his AKM rifle and kills the Irishman wielding the Molotov. Green Suddenly, two rounds hit the chest of the leader. He falls to the ground and bleeds out. He draws his Stechkin APS and demands in Vietnamese for his assailant to come out. Another bullet flies and lands itself into the forehead of the squad leader. Darkred The remaining Viet Cong sniper waits for his target. He immediately sees his enemy and fires the last round in his Dragunov. The round hits the IRA sniper in the right chest, causing him to fall to the ground. The Viet Cong operative walks up to him and smiles at him. He pulls the pin of his F1 Grenade and shoves the grenade down the bullet wound of the IRA member. The Vietnamese sniper walks away and smirks when he hears the sound of the grenade detonating. Green


Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that Viet Cong won due to having more reliable weaponry and using their skills to ambush the IRA and defeat them.

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Rematch vs. IRA (by Jar teh marksman)Edit

IRA: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellowYellowYellow

The battle starts as 4 IRA members are inside a warehouse, checking their weapons. One IRA member is standing on the rooftop, keeping a watchout. 5 Viet Cong members approach from behind the warehouse. Suddenly, one notices the IRA member standing on the top. They split up, as 4 go to raid the warehouse, and one goes around another way. The one that is going around the other way, notices a ladder leading to the top of the top of the warehouse.

The IRA member on top suddenly hears a noise. He turns around, to find himself falling to the ground after being pushed off. The other 4 Viet Cong soldiers break into the building. One starts spraying his RPK, hitting one IRA member. Not long after, he is hit and killed with an HK21. IRA: GreenGreenGreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellowYellow The IRA member pushed off of the roof, slowly regains conciousness. Trying to ignore the pain, he gets back up, AR-15 in hand. He notices the 3 unknown soldiers vacating the premisis. He sees his other soldiers, and follows behind the Viet Cong. One IRA member turns around a corner, and torches a Viet Cong member. Shortly after, another Viet Cong member pulls out his AK-47, and delivers a few rounds straight into the IRA member's chest. IRA: GreenGreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellow As the 2 Viet Cong soldiers retreat back, one IRA member readies his AR-15 to take a shot, he is butt-ended by a Mat-49, and then mowed down. IRA: GreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellow One IRA member finds himself in a jungle-like area. As he hears shouting from behind, he starts running. A Viet Cong member starts following behind, Tokarev in hand. The IRA member hears the shouting getting closer, so he turns around, and starts firing his AR-15. It hits the VC in the leg. Just as he thinks he's successful, he falls and gets impaled on Punji Stakes.

IRA: Green

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellow The VC limps over to see the dead body of his enemy. Just when he turns around, he's decimated by the Webley.

IRA: Green

Viet Cong: YellowYellow The IRA hears movement, and ducks into some bushes. He spots 2 VC. After they pass by, he jumps up, and shoots one in the back with the AR-15.

IRA: Green

Viet Cong: Yellow The remaining VC notices, and tries to shoot him. It doesn't succeed, because the IRA member has already disappeared. The remaining VC then slowly advances out of the jungle. He enters a building, but then is grabbed and thrown down to the ground. He grabs the leg of the IRA, and trips him up. The remaining VC gets up, and tries to step on the IRA. He rolls out of the way, and jumps up. Seeing that the VC is standing in the doorway, he pushes him back outside, closes the door, detonates a Nail Bomb, and blows the VC away.

IRA: Green Viet Cong:

The IRA opens the door, and looks down at his kill. He pumps his fist into the air, and calls out "IRELAND!!!" in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believe that the IRA won because of their better weapons and training.

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Rematch InformationEdit

It is unclear as to whether or not the author was aware he was re-doing this battle, as the rematch's blog post received no comments from the original author, there are no existing talk records indicating a rematch request, and both the original author and the author of this rematch are inactive and therefore cannot be asked to explain what happened. What ever the case may be, a rematch was done, and there was a different outcome this time around.

Battle vs. Medellin Cartel (by The Deadliest Warrior)Edit

Medellin Cartel: Red Red Red Red

Viet Cong: Green Green Green Green Four Viet Cong operatives are sneaking through a series of warehouses in a district plaza. One Communsit Kinh (a term used for North Vietnamese people) bends down and begins to set up the explosive F1/POMZ trip-mine trap, as the rest of the group sneaks in a building where voices speaking in Spanish can be heard.

The building is occupied by four Medellin Cartel members, and they are about to send off a shipment of cocaine to one of their clients. One of the Colombian thugs grabs a bag full of cocaine and money for one of the Cartel's clients as 3 of the the VC troops watch. Deciding that this place would be excellent to set up their headquarters, the Viet Cong jump out, with MAT-49's and AK-47's firing. The Cartel member with the drugs and money jumps aside and is struck in the leg.

The Cartel members quickly dive for their weapons and begin to fire back. One jumps back up, M60 in hand, and a quick burst from the machine gun downs a Viet Cong carrying an AK. Green The gun jams, however, and the two other Cong attackers kill the thug with their own rifles. Red

The Viet Cong rush in, and the other Cong who had set up the booby trap rushes in with them. The Medellin Cartel retreats, shooting wildly over their shoulders as they take off, tthe wounded member quietly staying behind. He takes out his Dual-Uzis and stumbles after the VC soldiers, but takes a wrong turn and ends up lost in his own hideout. Unluckily he stumbles upon the trip-wire and the resulting blast kills him. Red

The Congs hear the explosion and grin amongst each other, knowing they have one less opponent to deal with. One of the Congs is holding a TT33 pistol, and as he turns the corner, shots ring out. Confused, the Viet Cong looks wildly around, but never sees the Cartel thug with the Colt pistol as the Colombian pulls the trigger one final, deadly time. Green He is shot up by the other two Viet Congs who are toting their submachine guns and assault rifles. Red

The Viet Cong are not aware that the last Medellin Cartel member is still alive, so they head back to the meeting room and grab as many weapons, money, and drugs as they canbefore they load it all in a truck and begin to drive away, planning to return later to loot the rest. Down a side alley, the Cartel boss hears the motor of his truck and ducks behind some trash bins as the truck drives by. Waiting for a moment, the boss steps out again and triumphantly raises a detonator over his head. The Viet Cong looks in the rear-view mirror and tries to stop the car in terror, but is too late. As they open the doors to get our, the Cartel boss blows up the bomb under the truck, sending flames and shrapnel flying all over. Green Green The Cartel boss laughs to himself and walks back to his meeting room to report the attack to his boss.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Although the VC supporters claimed that their "victory" in the Vietnam War would have them prevail, the Cartel supporters knew that the Cartel's more heavy-hitting weaponry and squad-combat experience would have them prevail.

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Battle vs. RUF (by Urbancommando77)Edit

VC: 5

RUF: 5

In the Mekong Delta, three VC guerrillas protect a Rat Tunnel. One of the guerrillas see four RUF Rebels and one rebel in a stolen Sampan. "Look!" The guerrilla yelled in Vietnamese. Two of the guerrillas pull AK-47s out and the other one grabbed his MAT-49. One of the Guerrillas yell in vietnamese and fires rapidly, hitting two of the Rebels.

RUF: 3

One of the rebels pull a Galil and fires several rounds into the guerrilla.

VC: 4

The rebels charged at the Guerrillas. The VC guerrilla guards retreat into the tunnel. One of the rebels run to the side of the tunnel. He looked down the rat tunnel to see a hail of bullets. The rebel recoiled and fell to the ground and springs up as the other rebels looked at his untouched face. The rebel walked around the corner where his fellow rebels couldn't see him. All the rebels heard was wire snapping, leaves rustling and a painful scream. The rebels ran around the corner to see a twitching body in a punji stick pit.

RUF: 2

The remaining two place an IED and run to the sampan. Two VC soldiers climb up just to be blown to shreds by an IED

VC: 2

One of the guerrillas climb up and planted a claymore and pulls out a Tokerev. The rebels fired their makorovs wildly at him, but the guerrilla lunged into cover. One of the rebels pulled out an RPG and fired above the cover, horrebly injuring the VC guerrilla. The rebel pulled his makarov back out and ran to the guerrilla. The guerrilla loaded his tokerev and killed the rebel, a few seconds later, he died.

VC: 1

RUF: 1

The last guerrilla exited the rat tunnel and charged at the rebel with his bayonet. The rebel pulled his machete out and sliced the guerrilla's arm. The VC guerrilla stabbed the rebel six times.


The guerrilla went to the sampan and washed his wounds off.


Expert's OpinionEdit

While the RUF had superior equipment, Viet Cong had the home field advantage, as well as superior tactics and knowledge of the terrain that won them the day.

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Battle vs. Free French Forces (by Cfp3157)Edit

Free French: RedRedRedRedRed

Viet Cong: Black2Black2Black2Black2]Black2

Five Free French soldiers have escaped prison and run all the way to Afghanistan. The Soviet Union has also been facing problems with Mujahadeen rebels, and North Vietnam has decided to lend support to their Soviet allies. The North Vietnamese have sen typical NVA and Viet Cong rebels. A squad of Voet Cong are patrolling the Afghan mountains in search Mujahadeen, and stumble across the Free French. So now the battle set....

The Viet Cong leader wipes the sweat from his face. He rests on a rock, setting his AK-47 aside. The rest of the squad rest as well, checking weapons or drinking from canteens. Two Free French soldiers are partolling their cave and see the five armed men. They aim their rifles. "Qui êtes-vous? Que faites-vous ici? (Who are you? What are you doing here?" he asks them. The five men quickly get up, but the Free French take it the wrong way and fire their STG44's, managing to kill one of the Cong. Black2 The leader quckly grabs his AK and sends a burst into the chest of a Free French, killing him. Red The three other rebels come out of the cave, and a fire fight ensures. Eventually, the Viet Cong leave to ambush the four French, and they suceed. Two French rebels run past a rock, and a Cong sparys one down with his MAT-49. Red The French rebel throws a Molotov, but it does nothing but get the Viet Cong to run to different cover. The two men get in a firefight, neither getting an edge. The French leader sneaks up behind the Cong and shoots his Sten into the man. Black2 Meanwhile, the Viet Cong fires at another French rebel with his buddy. The French aims his Lee-Enfield and fires a shot into the Viet Cong regular's shoulder. The two other French rebels show up, but one trips over a POMZ mine, killing him. Red The Free French leader gives suppressing fire as the other rebel slowly walks forward, firing his rifle. The wounded Cong tries to kill him with his Tokarev, but is just killed. Black2 The other Viet Cong jumps from his hiding spot and sprays him down with his AK-47. Red The two men leave the scene, closely pursued by the last French man. The regular fires at him while the leader plants another POMZ-2 mine. The French aims his MAB Modele M1935 and wounds the leader, but he feigns death. Understanding what's going on, the regular retreats from the French rebel. The leader runs past, but sees the POMZ. He disables the mine, but the surprise kicks in....and the F1 grenade blows the rebel up. Red The Cong regular puts his leader on his shoulder and carries him back to the Soviet camp.

WINNER: Viet Cong

Expert's Opinion Edit

The Viet Cong won because they simply had the more advanced weapons, and the fact that most Viet Cong fought the French during the first Indochina War and had plenty of experience in combat.

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Battle vs. Special Task Force (by Manthila)Edit

In a Thick Jungle in Vietnam in a hidden village a group of Viet cong soldiers are preparing for their next mission while a group of vietnamese women are bringing water from distance. DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

A group of STF soldiers arrive and sees the village GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen. STF soldiers move closer to village and a single STF soldiers trips a POMZ mine Greendead alerting the Viet cong and scaring the Vietnamese women.The vietcong soldiers come out of their huts and the STF soldiers take positions around the camp

Viet cong soldiers starts firing at the STF with AKs and RPKs while a sniper takes aim with his Dragunov and STF soldiers fires back with M4s and Ulitimax MG killing the Vietnamese women caught in crossfire.

The viet Cong leader signals a retreat while the RPK provides cover fire.The STF sniper comes crawling and and snipes the RPK gunner with his PSG1 Darkredead

The rest of the viet cong soldiers attempts to retreat while taking cover behind huts.Taking the chance STF leader signals to advance and the STF Ultimax gunner suppressing viet cong soldiers.

The STF troops run and take cover behind huts but Viet cong sniper who was hiding behind near a hut snipes the ultimax gunnerGreendead giving the chance for a viet cong soldiers to fire back at STF soldiers who took cover behind huts.

taking the chance the Viet cong leader ,the sniper and a soldier retreats while the remaining soldier is firring his AK-47 at the STF soldiers.

The viet cong soldier who stayed runs out of ammo and attempts to take another magazine and the STF leader fires his grenade launcher killing the soldier in the blast Darkredead

The STF leader and the soldier goes chasing  the viet cong soldiers while the STF sniper takes his MP5 and goes to help the rest. STF squad chasing the Viet cong soldiers gets ambushed by Viet cong soldiers hiding behind trees with MAT-49 and AK-47s with several shots that blasted his head into pieces Greendead The STF leader quickly reacted with shooting his M4 at the viet cong soldiers head Darkredead and takes a several stary bullets to his arm and leg before taking cover behind a tree.He takes his Glock17 and waits for the enemy to come in range.

The viet cong leader out of ammo throws away his AK and takes his tokarev and signals the viet cong sniper armed with the MAT-49 to surround the STF leader.

The STF sniper hearing the gunshots rush to help and sees the leader surrounded and fires several bursts from his MP5 at the Viet cong sniper hitting him in the arms,chest and neck Darkredeadand fire several bursts and the Viet cong leader who is running away

The STF leader fires his glock at the Viet cong leader injuring him and unable to he takes cover behind the tree and fires his tokarev at the STF sniper until he runs out of ammo.STF sniper emptied his entire magazine on the Viet cong leader Darkredead and goes back to help his commander and looks at the sky watching Sri lanakn Bell 212 Twin Hueys and Bell 412s arrive.


Expert's OpinionEdit

Although the viet cong were able to stand against Americans and even winning a strategic victory during the vietnam war they couldn't stand up against a force that has both technology and experience fighting in jungles compared to american soldiers who didn't have any experiance or enough training fighting in thick jungles.

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Battle vs Gurkhas (by MilenHD)Edit

The battle begins somewhere is the jungles in Vietnam as 5 Gurkhas are patrolling,as they are walking 1 of the Gurkhas gets past over the POMZ-2 mine trap and  he explodes.


Viet Cong:12345

Then the Viet Cong begins their assault with their pistols and MAT-49s,but one of the Viet Cong members gets shot by Enfield No.4 rifle in the chest.


Viet Cong:1234

One of the Gurkhas shot a Viet Cong member in the arm with his revolver,but the Vietnamese soldier shot him with his MAT-49,but he gets blown up by Mills bomb


Viet Cong:123

Then Viet Cong team runs away and the Gurkhas followed them,but one of the falled into a punji trap,in the same time one of the Viet Congs was shot into the back with a sten submachine gun.


Viet Cong:12

As a runnig 1 of the Gurkhas get shot in the head by a Tokarev pistol,but the Viet Cong pistolmen get stab in the gut with a kukri


Viet Cong:1

Then the both warriors clashed in a close range dual Gurkhas with his Kukri and Viet Cong with his machete,first the Viet Cong slash a the Gurkha and only hit the chest making a small scar,but the Gurkha got too angry and with the last slash the Vietnamese neck killing him.


Viet Cong:

After seeing his opponent is dead the Gurkha shouts "Ayo Gurkhali!" (The Gurkhas are here!) in victory.

Expert's Opinion Edit

Gurkhas  won because they are better trained and have better weapons.

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Battle vs. Iraqi Republican Guard (by Deathblade 100) Edit

Republican Guard: RedRedRedRedRed

Viet Cong: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue


A cell of Viet Cong guerrilla fighters return to their jungle camp after a day of raiding NATO forces. The leader draws his Tokarev from its holster and starts to clean it. Another guerrilla leans a shovel against a tree and loads his MAT-49 submachine gun, while one of his colleagues watches with his own MAT-49 in hand. The other two rest their RPD light machine guns against the walls of a hut, that the cell is using as a base.

A twig snaps in the distance, as five members of Saddam's Republican Guard stagger through the undergrowth. Two of the guard have Skorpion submachine guns drawn, while another two have their RPK light machine guns at the ready. Their commander leads the advance, Browning Hi-Power in hand.

As the Guard advance, one of the Viet Cong emerges from the undergrowth and fires his MAT-49 at them, killing one.Red A burst of fire from a Republican Guard's Skorpion quickly cut him down.Blue Another pair of Vietnamese guerrillas open fire with their RPD light machine guns, wounding one of the Iraqis in the leg. As the Republican Guard start to withdraw from the guerrillas, the wounded soldier hits a tripwire and triggers off a POMZ-2 Mine/F1 Grenade hybrid.Red

As the VC give chase, a Republican Guard soldier turned and fired his RPK killing one of his pursuers.Blue A Republican Guard soldier trips and falls into a Punji Pit, injuring him. The Republican Guard commander stops and fires his Browning eight times into the jungle in an attempt to hit one of the pursuing rebels.

The Republican Guard quickly entered a nearby city and went to counterattack against the rebel forces. The three remaining Viet Cong operatives enter the city only for a Russian RGD-5 Grenade to go off at one of the guerrillas' feet.Blue A shot from a Tokarev TT-33 caught a Republican Guardsman in the chest.Red As the last two VC advance into a building, a Republican Guard's Combat knife swiftly cuts his throat.Blue A burst of fire from a RPD machine gun kills a Guard, who was behind a wall.Red

As the last Viet Cong member turns a corner, the Republican Guard commander walks up behind the guerrilla and points his Browning Hi-Power at the Viet's head. The Viet Cong guerrilla attempts to draw his Tokarev but the Republican Guard simply mocks him in Arabic as he cocks his Hi-Power and fires at point blank.Blue

The Republican Guard commander raises his pistol in the air and yells "Allahu Akbar!" in victory.

Experts Opinion Edit

While the Viet Cong were definitely fearless guerrilla fighters in the jungle, once the terrain had changed the Republican Guard quickly retaliated. While the Viet Cong had the initiative when it came to their limited technology, the fact their weapons were known to jam (RPD) or were simply just down to blind luck (Punji Stakes, POMZ-2/F1), Combine this with the VC's lack of formal training and logistics and it soon became obvious that the Republican Guard would be the victors.

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Battle vs. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (by ArmInAss)Edit

[Tamil Tigers: I I I I I I] [Viet Cong: I I I I I I] A six-man squad of Tamil Tigers had come upon a deserted jungle village; their mission is to patrol the area for any possible threats operating in the vicinity. Meanwhile, a six-man squad of Viet Cong operatives is sneaking through the village, alert for any enemies that may see them. On the village plaza, the two groups unwittingly came upon each other, both surprised to see the other. Thinking that their enemies had sent the other to wipe them out, both squads raised their AK-47s and Vz. 58s and fired, killing one of the other. [Tamil Tigers: I I I I I] [Viet Cong: I I I I I] Both squads quickly dispersed as they kept firing, and the fighting scattered throughout the war-torn village. One Tiger chased after a VC into the forest, where he fell to a punji stake pit. [Tamil Tigers: I I I I] Meanwhile, one of the VC saw a Tiger carrying a Milkor MGL hide behind a stone wall. He switched from his MAT-49 to his RPG-2 and aimed it right at the wall. The Tiger, however, saw it coming and gets away as fast as possible as the wall explodes into bits. He immediately fired back with his MGL. The VC’s legs sprung to action, managing to evade just as the MGL scored its first shot on where he stood before, but he was blown to bits when the MGL’s second shot just right near him. [Viet Cong: I I I I] The Tiger turned, only to see the VC who ran into the forest before, armed with an AK-47. Recognizing the grenade launcher he’s holding, the scared VC ran into the village, as the Tiger fired each shot where he thought the VC is running into. Suddenly, a VC sprang behind him and stabbed him at the right of his back, piercing his lung, and falling down. The VC, from before, thanked his comrade for saving him before he suggested taking the enemy’s grenade launcher. Unbeknownst to them, the dying Tiger detonated something beneath his clothes, a suicide belt. And then it happened, an explosion thundered throughout the village. [Tamil Tigers: I I I] [Viet Cong: I I] The rest of the VC and the Tigers came to see what happened. The two VCs are armed with a MAT-49 and an AK-47 as their weapons, while the three Tigers are armed with an Enfield No.2 revolver, a Sterling SMG and a Vz. 58. The VC managed to fire first with the MAT-49, killing the Tiger armed with the Vz. 58. The Tigers fired back with their Sterling and Enfield, but the VC managed to retreat. [Tamil Tigers: I I] The Tigers gave chase to the VCs, trading fire as well. The VC armed with the MAT-49 soon exhausted his ammo, and hid inside a hut. By a stroke of (bad) luck, the Tiger armed with the Sterling found him inside and fired…with only two rounds remaining, both only wounding the VC in the stomach. The wounded VC hastily grabbed his Tokarev from his holster as the Tiger went for his Enfield as well. The VC managed to fire first with only a millisecond earlier than the Tiger, scoring hits in the Tiger’s chest, and got hit in the chest several times too in return. The Tiger fell back, dead, but the VC attempted to move and failed to do so. His spine has been hit, and he’s losing blood at an alarming rate. He just laughed at his stroke of bad luck as he awaited his inevitable death. [Tamil Tigers: I] [Viet Cong: I] On the other hand, the last Tiger and VC are trading fire with their rifles, eventually running out of ammunition, and switching to their handguns. The Tiger ran out of ammo first. As he frantically tried to reload, he only then noticed the VC right now before him, aiming his Tokarev. The Tiger spat at the VC, goading him to finish it. The VC obliged and pulled the trigger, only to fire no shot. The Tiger unsheathes his Piha-Kaetta and swipes at the VC, but the VC evaded, putting some distance between them. As the Tiger stood into a battle stance, the VC puts a bayonet to his AK-47, cursing that he had run out of ammo before going into a battle stance too. The knife showdown begins as the VC tried to land a thrust. The Tiger moved to the side, but the VC swipes it in his direction. The VC then charged as the Tiger swiped and evaded, landing flesh wounds at each other, the Piha-Kaetta landing a cut on the VC’s hand gripping the AK on the front, and the bayonet swiping on the Tiger’s belly. Still, other than that, all their attempts against each other missed, and the showdown went on for some time, till the Tiger’s Piha-Kaetta met the AK Bayonet blade by blade. The VC withdrew then charged again, but the Tiger evaded to the side, and gripping the VC’s AK this time as he slashed on the VC’s arm, fully cutting it. The VC howled in pain, allowing the Tiger to take hold of his other arm and cut it off too. Armless, the VC fell on the ground, defenseless before the Tamil. The Tamil proceeded to carve open his stomach and wring out his nemesis’ intestines with his Piha-Kaetta. The VC screamed in agony at his slow and painful death. [Viet Cong: ] By the time he is done, the VC is completely lifeless, his insides turned out. The Tiger smiled, satisfied at his work, before raising his Piha-Kaetta in the air and shouting “விக்டரி!” FINAL COUNT [Tamil Tigers: I] [Viet Cong: ] —DEADLIEST WARRIOR: Tamil Tigers—

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Tamil Tigers’ weaponry, while as reliable as the Viet Cong weaponry, packs more firepower than those of the VC, but their weaponry alone did not win the battle. The Tigers also had on their side greater ferocity in combat. On the other hand, the Viet Cong had excellent combat organization, training and logistics, but so did the Tamil Tigers. Finally, the Tigers, as a whole, are much more able to offer heavier resistance and even engage in a drawn-out war than the VC.

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Battle vs. Taliban (by MilitaryBrat)Edit

A Viet Cong squad leader is creeping with his 4 men in an abandoned Soviet city in the summer time. His name is Tuan and his men are named Kim, Huu, Hoc, and Hoang. Kim is struggling with the load of his RPD machine gun. It weighs more than the AK-47 he's used to carrying.

"Hey you, be careful with that machine gun. If you break it you won't have any weapon to use."

"Sorry Tuan, I'm not used to this weight."

"You were the one who wanted this weapon Kim," Hoang said "Carry your weight."

On the other side of the burnt out city, 5 Taliban fighters are on patrol. The leader, named Osama is leading his 4 men, named Omar, Nadir, Muhammad, and Ahmad. Nadir is looking at the Soviet symbols on the buildings and billboards in confusion.

"Osama, something tells me we're not in Afghanistan anymore."

Osama, a short man with a black beard, a fat face, and scar extending over his nose and across both of his cheeks said in reply, "Yes Nadir, I see that. You don't have to point out every single f*****g detail to me."

"How will we get back to Afghanistan, Osama?" Muhammad asked.

"How am I supposed to know? I'm Osama the goat herder not Osama bin Laden."

About 3-5 sweeps of the city later............

"Hey Tuan," Hoc started, who are those people over there? They look, brown."

Tuan takes his captured American binoculars and looks through them to see the Taliban fighters emerging from an ally about 100 feet away. The Taliban however have also spotted them. Tuan wipes the sweat off his face and thinks long hard for about 3 minutes, he then says to his men:

"Open fire on them!!!!!!"

About 3 minutes earlier............

Osama spots the 5 Vietnamese men and tell his men to observe them.

"They could be Americans."

"But Osama," Ahmad says "They aren't white, aren't all Americans white?"

"No they aren't. Maybe they're Mexicans." Omar says.

"Omar's right." Osama says. "Either way we should open fire on them."

At about the same time Tuan gave the order to open fire, Osama did as well. The RPD of the Viet Cong barking to life with a 20 round burst of belt fed ammo. The Taliban had not had time to set up their Machine gun, but they fired their PPSH's, killing Hoang, while Kim kills Omar.

Viet Cong: 4

Taliban: 4

Tuan and his squad displaced and some went into allys and others went into buildings. Kim lugged his machine gun up 2 stories and set up behind an office desk with his A-gunner Huu. Osama and the rest of the Afghans pursued them all. Osama comes across Hoc and shoots at him but only manages to get off one round which lucky for him hits Hoc's leg, piercing his artery and knocking him to the ground. Hoc attempts to grab his Mat-49 which fell out of his hands, but is stopped by Osama's combat knife in between his shoulder blades.

Viet Cong: 3

Taliban: 4

Kim and Huu are sitting behind an overturned desk in an abandoned Soviet office building. The heat in the building is making them sweat which distracts them. They suddenly see Nadir trying to creep up on them and they turn his body into swiss cheese.

Viet Cong: 3

Taliban: 3

Muhammad comes right after Nadir and thinks to himself, "Alright, there's two men in there. One with a machine gun, the other possibly with a weapon himself." He decides on using Nadir's weapon for suppressing fire, then uses his grenade. He throws it into the room with the two and kills Huu while Kim is knocked on his ass. He tries to execute him with his combat knife but is killed himself with Kim's Tokarev.

Viet Cong: 2

Taliban: 2

Tuan is scanning an alley behind a hotel and sees something, a turban. He takes aim with his Mat-49 and fires. The turban falls down,but to his dismay Tuan didn't kill anyone. Ahmad jumps out of a dumpster with his combat knife and tackles Tuan. Tuan however pushes Ahmad off him and pulls out his machete, swinging it at Ahmad like a baseball bat, eventually scoring a home run in the form of decapitating Ahmad.

Viet Cong: 2

Taliban: 1

Osama has heard the shooting from the office building and is going to investigate. There he sees the bodies of Muhammad, Nadir, Huu, and Kim. All dead from the fight.

Viet Cong: 1

Taliban: 1

Osama spots Tuan coming out of an ally seconds after killing Ahmad and looks for a weapon to use. He decides on Nadir's Ppsh and goes to kill Tuan. Tuan has picked up a Tokarev from Hoc's corpse. He looks for the last Afghan and sees him running towards him trying to make his Ppsh work, he decides to duck down into cover while he fixes his Ppsh and Tuan shoots at him.

"Damn, why won't this piece of junk work?" He removes the magazine to see that Nadir had no ammunition. Meanwhile, Tuan has made his way over to Osama and taps him on the head with his Tokarev as Osama tries to reload. Osama looks up and sees the barrel of the Tokarev in his face. Tuan pulls the trigger, shooting a bullet into Osama's head.

Viet Cong: 1

Taliban: 0

Tuan then raises his fist and gives a victory shout.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Please consider a contribution to why the Viet Cong won.

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Battle vs Afghan Mujahideen (by 3shady)Edit


Winner: Afghan Mujahideen

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Battle vs Imperial Japanese Army (by MilenHD)Edit

IJA: White White White White White

Viet Cong: Green Green Green Green Green

A squad of five Imperial Japanese soldiers were travelling through the jungles of Vietnam, as Japan has decided to conquer it. Not far away a Viet Cong member set his mine trap and they were awaiting the Japanese, as he was ready he hid himself in the nearby bush ready to give his allies the signal to attack.

As the Japanese were coming closer, one of them tripped his leg over the POMZ-2 mine and F1 grenade combo, which a large explosion killed him and knocked one of his comrades aside.White

The Viet Cong squad appeared from the bushes and started to fire their guns at the Japanese, but the Japanese threw his Kiska grenade blasting one of the Vietnamese and after firing his Type 100 he killed another Vietnamese.Green Green

The Viet Cong started to return deeper into the jungle where the Japanese followed them, the remaining Japanese decided to split up and find them, and as the two of the Japanese were running after the Viet Cong, a Viet Cong member appeared and fired his MAT-49 at the Japanese soldier killing him at the moment, only to get burned to crisps by the other Japanese soldier's flamethrower, who was behind him seconds ago.White Green

The Japanese soldier, knew he was in danger and a Viet Cong soldier was firing his Tokarev TT-33 at him, but the Vietnamese started running away, and the Japanese was spraying his flamethrower, making jungle fire, but suddenly while he wasn't watching, he felt down into the Punji trap.White

The Vietnamese decided to find his team mate and as he was running, he got shot in the leg by the Nambu pistol of the Japanese soldier, but suddenly his pistol jammed and as the Vietnamese guerrilla stood up, pulled his machete and as the Japanese Imperialist pulled his shin gunto , both of them started dueling, but as the Vietnamese was losing the blood from his leg, the Japanese used the option and pierced the guerrilla's abdomen, killing him.Green

As he turned he was shoot in the head by the last Vietnamese soldier.White The last Japanese emerged and fired his Nambu missing, and both warriors fired at each other missing most shots and as they had to reload, the Vietnamese grabbed the fallen machete and charged at the at the Japanese, slicing his throat.White

As the Japanese Imperialist was killed, the Vietnamese raised his bloody machete and shouted in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Viet Cong had home advantage and had better weapons. Simply the Imperial Japanese Army were beated by the USA, and the USA were defeated by the Viet Cong.

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Disregarded BattlesEdit

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Zombie hunters (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Viet Cong: RedRedRedRedRedRed

Zombie Hunter: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

In the Jungles of Vietnam, a RV full of Zombie Hunters treks through the mud. The Hunter leader (who is a Vietnam vet) is talking about his battles. The driver suddenly sees a look-out tower up ahead. Meanwhile, in the tower, a Viet Cong sniper sees the RV and shoots the driver with his Dragunov.Blue

Without a driver, the RV crashes into the look-out tower. The sniper falls out of the tower and onto the hood of the RV. The Zombie Hunter leader sees the sniper. He says "At least it's not zombies." as he shoots the sniper in the head with his Hunting Rifle.Red

The hunters come out of the RV with all of there weapons. Meanwhile, the rest of the Viet Cong see what has happened, and there leader shouts "Nguoi My!" which is Vietnamese for Americans. The Viet Cong grab there weapons and charge toward the Zombie Hunters. One of the Zombie Hunters shoots one of the Viet Cong in the chest with his AR-15.Red

Suddenly, the AR-15 Hunter trips and falls in the mud. He get's back up and tries to shoot a Kinh with an AK-47, who laughs when his gun jams with mud and shoots him.Blue

As both warriors spread out, the Zombie Hunter leader and a second Hunter chases a Kinh though some tall grass. The Kinh steps over a trip wire, and the Zombie Hunter leader stops the youngster just in time. The leader cuts the trip wire and points toward the Punji Stake Ball it would have sent flying toward the Hunter. As the Hunter looks at the Stake Ball in terror, the Kinh that they were chasing sneaks up behind them and shoots the second Zombie Hunter in the back with his MAT-49.Blue

Before the the Kinh can kill the leader, a third Zombie Hunter rips the Kinh apart with a chainsaw.Red

The leader gives the chainsaw hunter a pat on the back for saving his life. Meanwhile, a female hunter sprays a Kinh with Uzi fire.Red

She treks on and finds a POMZ-2 trap. She remembers what the leader said about them, but she can't help thinking she is forgetting something. As she cuts the trip wire, she pulls out the mine....and sets off the F1 Grenade.Blue

The Zombie Hunter leader sees the AK Kinh and throws a Molotov Cocktail, which lights him on fire. Before he dies, he runs towards the trees, which catches fire too.Red

As a rageing inferno burns, the Viet Cong leader runs towards the entrance of some underground tunnels. The two leaders fire back and forth, the Viet Cong leader with his TT-33, and the Zombie Hunter leader with his Six-Shooter. A few moments later, inside the tunnels, the younger Zombie Hunter catches up the the VC leader, who tries to shoot him, but he's out of ammo. As the Zombie Hunter pulls out his Katana, the VC leader runs over to a table and finds an AK with a Bayonet and some TT-33 ammo. He takes both, and tries to stab with his knife, but the hunter blocks with his sword. This goes on for a bit until the VC leader kicks the Zombie Hunter....into a Punji Stake pit.Blue

The VC leader hears the leader coming towards the room he's in, he reloads his pistol and shoots the Hunter in the head before he can even turn around.Blue

The VC leader spits on the Zombie Hunter's corpse. Later, he comes out of the tunnels, downhill from were he started, looks at the burning fire, and takes a moment of silence for his fallen comrades.

Winner:Viet Cong

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that the Viet Cong's major advantage was being ingenious masters of warfare whereas the Zombie Hunters struggled to fight monsters with no brains. Zombie Hunters were just people with guns, while Viet Cong were actual trained soldiers.

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