When the Corruptor's horde ravaged and genetically enslaved Verdanth, Viper was one of the scattered survivors. Before the fall, he`d manufactured tools. He returned his prowess to crafting weapons of wood and stone, but saw the guerrilla forces he armed repeatedly fall beneath the power of Darkspore. And then one night, while Viper was desperately assembling weapons inside his workshop, an alien intelligence captured him. As prisoner of Crogenitor Astra, Viper was genetically and somatically altered so that his muscles would posses ten times his species’ normal concentration of fast-twitch fibers. When Viper awoke, his reflexes and strength had increased so much that he nearly destroyed his own weaponry workshop. But after mastering his new physical might, and creating new weapons suited to his superior abilities, Viper became a resistance leader. In combat against the Darkspore, Viper fought at blinding speed in terrifying attacks. Over years of the war, he developed his biogenetic prowess to generate an armor of poisonous thorns that, at close range, could be launched with devastating results. Leading fighters armed with his toxic and invincible weapons, Viper inflicted vast losses on the Darkspore, provoking the Corruptor to initiate an epidemic that devastated intelligent life on Verdanth.

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