The Warlords are a group of mercenaries who are terrorising the state in their quest for power and political goals. The Warlord leader, the Warlord General, is commanding his troops to perform increasingly brash assaults against both military and civilian targets. Equipped with the latest military weapons and equipment, the Warlords are bringing real war to Capital State!

The Warlords' history begins in the Vietnam war. A small American taskforce, known as Rhino unit, were dropped behind enemy lines near the start of the war, with the objective of destroying key Viet Cong installations and harassing the main opposing force in that region. However, one week after the deployment, all communications with the taskforce were lost.

Nothing was heard from Rhino unit for weeks, but scattered reports from captured Vietcong and aerial reconnaissance painted a grim picture for the American army. Rhino unit had gone rogue. Rather than the US forces, they were taking orders from their senior officer, who had renamed himself "The General". It seemed they were waging their own campaign against the Vietcong, not just the military but civilians as well. American patrols returned with reports of Vietcong villages where all of the inhabitants had been systematically executed: men, women and children all ruthlessly killed.

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Battle vs Viper Squad (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Warlords: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Viper Squad: Green Green Green Green Green

At a department store, the Worlords have hostages. Viper Squad (who are still acting like there one of the good guys) rolls out in front and brings out a Battlefield Drone. One of Viper Squad members remotely moves the drone. The drone goes into the store, and, on the drones' camera, the Viper Squad member sees a Warlord and uses the drones' miniguns to kill him. Darkred A second Warlord, named Borris, sees this and goes low to the floor, crawling towards the drones' control panel. When Borris get's to the panel, he rips the wires apart. The drone shuts down as Borris runs to a higher floor. The Drone operator loses the drones' signal and goes inside to fix it. As the operator comes in, Borris kills him with a sniper rifle. Green Meanwhile, on the roof, there is a second sniper on the roof.......who's right in the sights of a Viper sniper. Darkred The remaining four Viper Squad members go inside and spread out. One goes to the top floor and get's shot in the head by a battlefield shotgun. Green The rest of the Viper Squad hears this and goes to see what happend. The shotgun Warlord and a Warlord with a machete hide in the shadows. The shotgun Warlord shoots a Viper. Green Another Viper goes into the shadows shoots the shotgun Warlord with his Sub machine gun. Darkred The machete Warlord chops the Viper into pieces. Green The Viper Squad leader, Commander Decker, shoots the machete Warlord with his Riot Shotgun. Darkred The leader of the Warlords, The General, sees Decker and kills him with his RPG. Green The General shouts "Warlords forever!" and walks away.

Winner: The Warlords

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Battle vs. Terrorists (by KevlarNinja)Edit

The Warlords: 12345

Terrorists: 12345

On the Golden Gate Bridge, some Terrorists have a threshold on the bridge. Suddenly, a Russian tank charges though some crashed cars. It stops and the Warlord leader, The General, and four other Warlords come out. One of them, Borris, pulls out a Stone & Western Battlefield and points it at one of the Terrorists. The General shouts "LISTEN UP, YOU MAGGETS!!! NO ONE BLOWS UP THE COUNTRY BUT US!!!!" and then Borris shoots the Terrorist with the shotgun.

Terrorists: 1234

The Terrorists run for cover, except for one, who starts to climb one of towers that holds up the Golden Gate. Meanwhile, the General's top lieutenant and the Warlords best sniper, Yuri "The Fury" aims his rifle and kills a Terrorist.

Terrorists: 123

Meanwhile, on top of the tower, the Terrorist has made it, and pulls out his Dragunov to kill Yuri.

The Warlords: 1234

The Terrorist leader kills a Warlord with his AK-47.

The Warlords: 123

One Warlord kills the Terrorist sniper with his RPG.

Terrorists: 12

The RPG Warlord feels a taping on her shoulder, she turns around a sees a Terrorist in a trench coat and with a crazy look in his eyes. He opens his trench coat and starts laughing maniacally, and reveales that be has a bomb straped to his chest!

The Warlords: 12

Terrorists: 1

Borris starts chaseing the Terrorists leader. He pulls out his APG5 and tries to shoot him, but misses. The leader manges to lose him, and finds a pickup truck with lots of tools in the back.....Meanwhile, Borris is looking for the leader, when suddenly, the leader cuts off his leg with a chainsaw! As Borris falls down, screaming in pain, the terrorist leader finishes him off with the chainsaw.

The Warlords: 1

The leader drops the chainsaw and picks up a M1911 from a dead Terrorist. He shoots at the General, but misses. He reloads the pistol and pokes his head out of cover, but sees that the General is not there. He goes into the open, were the General sneaks up on him and cuts his head off with a Machete!


The General marches to the tank and climbs in. He gives a salute to his fallen soldiers, then drives off.

Winner: The Warlords

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