Do not pursue him! He will not return to these lands. Far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man shall he fall.
— Glorfindel's infamous prophecy

Long ago, the Nazgul Ringwraith known as the Witch-King of Angmar was a great lord among men, one of nine selected to receive Rings of Power forged by the dark lord Sauron. This ring, like others of its kind, twisted the heart of the King, and eventually transformed him into a creature of hate and destruction, loyal only to the Dark Lord, and he became the leader of the Nine- wraiths that traveled the lands of Middle-Earth to ensure Sauron's dominance was insured. After Sauron's death and return as "The Necromancer", the Witch-King founded the nation of Angmar in the North, near the lost realm of Arnor. He began an open war against the three kingdoms which had divided from the legendary Arnor, Arthedain, Rhudaur, and Cardolan, planning to have complete dominion over the realm. His conquest was swift and powerful, and he toppled the realms and after taking the mighty Fornost, his victory was complete. Complete, but shortlived, as Eärnur of Gondor soon lead a successful campaign alongside the Elves to displace the Witch-King from the Arnor. The Nazgul and Eärnur finally clashed in The Battle of Fornost, which ended in the crushing defeat of the Ringwraith, though as he fled, the elf Glorfindel prevented the Gondorian general from following, delivering a famous (and often misunderstood) prophecy that the Witch-King's ultimate death was not to come from the hand of man.

During the Third Age, in the War of the Ring, The Witch-King made a destructive comeback. Atop his fell-beast mount and with an array of deadly weapons and magics, he could single handily turn the tide of battle. His commanding experience and expertise allowed the forces of Sauron to win many campaigns against the men of Gondor, and he was a major threat to the Fellowship of the Ring. He eventually met his fate, when he fought on the Field of Pelennor outside the Gondor capital, Minas Tirith. The Rohirrim, rallied by Aragorn, came to the aid of their old allies, and the forces of Mordor became overwhelmed. Refusing to back down, the Witch-King destroyed the staff of Gandalf and struck down the king of Rohan, Theoden, before ultimately being struck down in turn by his daughter Eowyn and the Hobbit, Merriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck.

Battle vs. Algol (by Death'sapprentice77)Edit

The Witch King arrives on the roof of The Tower of Remembrance, flail in hand he spots Algol on the other side of the roof.

"That was quite entertaining. You have done well," says Algol rising into the air. "This shall be my first battle in ages. You are a worthy opponent, strong one you shall be the sacrifice for my resurrection!"

Soul Calibur and Soul Edge materialize in the place of his hands and the hero king charges forth at The Witch King. The Nazgul whips his flail at Algol sending him careening back and shattering his cuirass. Algol quickly regains his balance and his arms transform into cannons and he fires several purple orbs at him. The Witch King Draws his sword and deflects the shots away except for one which hits him in the stomach sending the wraith crashing to the floor The Nazgul gets up and unleashes a terrifying scream, his black breath. Algol reels back in pain giving The Witch King time to close in on his opponent but Algol has regained his senses and spikes protrude from his torso attempting to crush him but the wraith ducked out of their grasp and slashes at Algol's legs.

Algol yells in pain and narrowly avoids an overhead smash from The Witch King's flail. Algol seizes an advantage and steps on the chain of the mace and kicks his Nazgul opponent down. The Witch King rolls away from a thrust from the hero king's blades and the to begin to duel. The Witch King is begining to become bored with his opponent so he draws his Morgul Blade. Algol tries an attack underestimating the power of the Morgul Blade is paried by The Witch King's sword and jabs the weapon in to his opponents arm.

Algol yells in pain and removes the Morgul Blade but to no avail as he is already infected with the blade's poison. Algol desperately tries his critical finish but in his weakened state the beginning blow is blocked by The Witch King's sword and the Nazgul slashes across Algol's chest and continues with a vicious flurry of blows, the last causing the hero king to drop to his knees and drop both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. The Nazgul then slashes Algol decapitating him and ending his prey's life. The Witch King picks up both Suol Edge and Soul Calibur and let's out a small chuckle.

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Battle vs. Kratos (by Codgod13)Edit

The witch king is looking over the damage as he has just captured Gondor when he hears a report of a lone warrior who is killing hundreds of Urik-hai. Believing it to be Gandalf, he heads down to the field of battle.

That warrior, naturally, is Kratos. Not only are fields of Urak-hai lying dead around his feet, he has just disembowled Aragorn. The Witch King unleashes the black breath, and Kratos falls, clutching his ears. The Witch King runs toward Kratos, flail in one hand and sword in the other. However, Kratos recovers and nearly beheads The Witch King with the Blades of Exile. As the Witch King jumps back, Kratos draws the bow of Apollo and shoots off two arrows, both charged. The wraith evades the first, and blocks the second with his flail. However, the explosion knocks him over, and Kratos charges in, Blades of Exile spinning like chopper blades.

The Witch King feigns death, and as Kratos is about to slash him, he tangles both of the chains with his sword. Both of the Blades of Exile come flying out of Kratos's hands. Kratos growls, and takes out the Nemean Cestus. As the Witch King bull rushes him, Kratos shatters first the flail head then the sword with his deadly gauntlets.

The Witch King draws his morgul blade and stabs at Kratos's hand. It pierces the Cestus but desn't hit Kratos himself. Kratos discards the two Cestus and takes out the blade of Olympus. Sauron's general underestimates the swords power, and Kratos knocks the Witch King's guard way off and slashes his leg, bringing the wraith to his knees. As Kratos prepares to finish off the Witch King, he is taken by surprise as the Witch King uses his uninjured leg to spring up, buries the morgul blade into Kratos's shoulder, leaves it there, and rolls away. In a last ditch effort, Kratos again takes out the sun god's bow and shoots an arrow into the Witch King's chest, but his armor stops the arrow from taking a critical toll. The Witch King watches as Kratos falls and is killed by the Morgul blade's poison. The wraith retrives his blade and limps away.

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Battle vs. Loghain Mac Tir (by Greenberet69) Edit

Loghian is given a second chance to redeem himself for betraying the king and the Grey Wardens. He is sent on a mission to set up an ambush on Aragorn and kill him but unknown to him he is actually sent on a mission to kill a new threat to the Fereldan's and allies The Witch-King of Angmar. He enter a dark area that has a volcano in the center and sets up the ambush meanwhile The Witch-King is walking in the area and Loghain wonders where The High King of Gondor is and reliases that he has been decevied and so will complete this ambush anyways. He takes aim with his Longshot Crossbow and fires but the bolt bounces of the Witch-King harmlessly. The Witch-King turns to see Loghain load another bolt into his Crossbow and fires but the Witch-King dodges the shot and takes out his Broad Sword and charges at Loghain who takes out his Blightblood longsword and charges as well both warriors clash with their swords and Loghian slashes at the Witch-King's head but is doesn't bother the Witch-King who shrugs it off and continues to attack Loghain until Loghain knocks the Broad sword out of his hands and then jumps back as Loghain tries to strike his head. The Witch-King grabs his Broad Sword and before Loghian's eyes the sword starts burning up with fire and then he covers his ears as a screeching noise hurts his ears and just then his Blighblood sword breaks apart and Loghain quickly takes aim with his crossbow and fires knocking the sword out of the Witch-King's hands so The Witch-King takes out his Morgul Blade and Loghain takes out his Summer Greatswrod and charges at the Witch-king who dodges the strike and tries to stab Loghain in the back to poison him but the armor protects Loghain and breaks the blade and Loghain slashes once again hitting the Witch-King in the face but still he doesn't go down. The Witch-King takes out his Mace /Flail and Loghian charges at him and so The Witch-King swings the mace and Loghain dodges it but the Witch-king slides it to the right knocking Loghain on the ground and as Loghain looks up the Witch-King swings the mace and crushes Loghain's skull. The Witch-King sees the dead body of Loghain and yells in victory

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Witch-King won because of the better weapons and he was just way to hard to kill and defeat.

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Battle vs. Durza (by Greenberet69)Edit

At the bridge leading to Minas Morgul. Durza appears along with 4 Urgals who are there to claim Minas Morgul for Galbatorix. However at the gates of Minas Morgul 3 Orcs one on the ground with a Sword and Spear and 2 Archers are watching the bridge. Inside the Orc commander speaks to the Witch-King of Angmar to prepare the Orcs for the Battle of Minas Tirith. Durza signals his Urgals forward and they head to the gates of Minas Morgul, one of the Orc Archers spot the Urgal and orders the other orc to close the gates. The orc on the ground charges at the Urgals with his spear pointing forward. One of the Urgals charges forward and the Orc spears the Urgal in the headRed. Another Urgal charges in and breaks the Spear and stabs the Orc through the chestDarkred, The Orc archers close the gates of Minas Morgul and one of the Orc archers run off to warn the Witch-King while the other Orc archer takes aim with his Bow of Mordor and fires it at the Urgals, one of the Urgals is hit in the head with an arrow and falls down deadRed. The other urgals raise their shields and Durza starts walking towards the gate. The other Orc archer tells the Witch-King and the Orc commander that they are under attack the The Witch-King grabs his weaponary and heads to mount his Nazgul. At the gate meanwhile the orc archer continues to rain arrows on the Urgals and Durza sees this and says


He lifts the spear of his dead Urgal and throws it at the Orc archer who is skewered in the stomach and falls to the bridge belowDarkred. Durza then hears something above and sees the Witch-King on his Nazgul, the Witch-King does the screech of the Nazgul and while Durza does't fear it the Urgals start to run away in fear, The Witch-King then has the Nazgul take off and the Nazgul goes after the Urgals and picks them up and carries them high into the air and drops them to their deathRedRed. Durza looks down to see the gate open and the Orc commander and archer charge at him, Durza says

"Boetk istalrí"

and sets the two orcs on fireDarkredDarkred.

He then turns around and starts casting

"Anori Draumr abr Sundablaka it ator Virliger!"

A Dark cloud surrounds Durza and lifts up into the air. The Witch-King looks as a strange Bat like creature is formed fromthe Black Cloud and Durza mounting it. The Witch-King's Nazgul roars and flies towars Durza's Bat creature, Durza casts the spell


and casts a ball of light at the Witch-King, the Nazgul dodges the shot and the Witch-King draws his sword while Durza also draws his sword and as the two beasts fly past each other both warriors swords collide but don't hit the wielders. The Witch-King's Nazgul flies towards Durza's Bat creature and the Bat Creatur also turns around and flies to the Nazgul. The Witch-King notices Durza lift his hand and a Ball of Flame appears and Durza throws it at the Witch-King but the Nazgul dodges it and soon both the Nazgul and the Bat creature collide and start falling towards Minas Morgul below. Both creatures try to take advantage over one another but neither gain the edge and Durza sees the Witch-King and jumps at the Witch-King and as the Witch-King tries to stab Durza, Durza is able to slash The Witch-King's hand and makes the Witch-King drop his Broad sword. The Witch-King takes out his Morgul Blade and tries to stab Durza but Durza teleports back onto his Bat Creature right as the creature gains the hand and bites down hard on the Nazgul and bites down hard enough to kill the Nazgul and the Nazgul falls down to Minas Morgul below and crashes on the ground. Durza's Bat Creature descends below and disappears in a cloud of smoke as Durza safelty lands on the ground of Minas Morgul. However he sees among the dead body of the Nazgul the Witch-King rises unharmed with his Morgul Blade in one hand and his Mace/Flail in the other hand. The Witch-King raises his Morgul Blade and it starts to burn in flame and a strange sound is heard and Durza's blade explodes in his hand. The Witch-King starts walking towards Durza but Durza puts his hand up and a Flaming Sword appears in Durza's hand. The Witch-King swings his Mace and Durza dodges it as it comes down and tries to stab the Witch-King but the Witch-King blocks the strike with his Morgul Blade and swings his Mace/Flail and makes Durza fall on his back. The Witch-King then stabs Durza in the stomach but is confused when Durza just smiles and teleports away. The Witch-King looks up and sees Durza with his flaming sword in hand and charges at the Witch-King and takes a swing at the Witch-Kings stomach but the Witch-King jumps back and swings his Mace/Flail and is able to hit Durza in the face and as Durza lays on his back The Witch-King stabs Durza in the heart and Durza yells in pain as he starts turning into black dust and explodes into nothingRed. The Witch-King raises his Morgul Blade and yells in Victory.

Winner:The Witch-King of Angmar

Expert's OpinionEdit

While Durza had the better Magical abilities then the Witch-King once the battle got up close and personal The Witch-Kings better arsenal of weapons and his magical abilties helping up close won it for the Witch-King along with the important X-Factor of Combat Experience.

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Battle vs. Eragon (by Thornclaw Braveheart)Edit

Above the wastelands of Nurn, in southern Mordor, smoke begins to clear as a sapphire-colored dragon and her Rider appear. Eragon Bromsson looks around, seeing nothing, and responds to Saphira.

I have a bad feeling about this place. Nothing living is here, yet I feel like something is watching us.

You're just nervous, says Saphira, and besides, few have ventured this far from Alagaesia.

Eragon mentally sighs. Well, I guess you're right, but we need to be careful.

Eragon and Saphira continue on their flight, but see a black cloud of smoke ahead.

What do you suppose that is? Asks Eragon.

I can't tell for sure, Eragon. It's too blurry, but...


Saphira shakes her head. It's nothing. I thought I saw a...dragon, maybe?

Eragon stares ahead. It's probably one of the memories from the Eldunari.


Inside the black cloud, the Witch-king of Angmar flies his Fell Beast towards Saphira. After detecting them, he plans to eradicate their prescene from Mordor. As he see Saphira fly away from the cloud, the Witch-king shakes his reins, and the Fell Beast immediately flies much faster, speeding through the air, hoping to catch Saphria off balance.

Saphira turns to the right and suddenly sees the Fell Beast flying at full speed towards her. She cries out, Eragon, hold on! and she immediately drops towards the Nurnen wastland, the Fell Beast biting at thin air above her. Eragon, only just managing to hold onto one of Saphira's neck spikes, tries to make sense of what just happened.

What just happened? What was that thing?

I don't know, Saphira responds, But it's coming our way!

Don't dive like that again! Eragon yells mentally. Hands shaking, he reaches behind him and unstraps from a case his hunting bow, and takes out three arrows. Calming himself down, he lays the bow in his lap and waits for the Fell Beast to arrive.

Meanwhile, the Fell Beast comes to a halt some 100 feet away from Saphira, and roars. The Witch-king, with his voice amplified, speaks out to Eragon. "Who are you to enter the Black Land unharmed?"

Eragon shudders after seeing the masked, cloaked figure riding the Fell Beast, and prays that it doesn't have the mental capabilities Galbatorix had. "I am Eragon Shadeslayer, son of Brom, and the leader of the Dragon Riders!"

And I am Saphira Brightscales! Announces Saphira, a free dragon!

The Witch-king immediately screeches loudly, causing both Eragon and Saphira to wince with pain, but Eragon immediately tries to block out the noise and begins a mental attack on the Witch-king. For a moment, all he feels is violent wrath and pain, and the feeling of eternal enslavement, and almost falls off his saddle before managing to attack the Witch-king's mind. Angmar immediately is taken aback by this new assault and also feels faint, but holds up a mental defense. He tries to put mental walls around his mind, and comes back to the physical world and screeches once more, drawing his Longsword. The Fell Beast roars, and the Longsword bursts into flames. Eragon immediately withdraws his mental attack and releases an arrow from his hunting bow, which immediately pierces the Fell Beast's neck, but not enough to kill it. The Fell Beast roars in pain as the Witch-king urges it on, and it clashes head-on with Saphira in a mass of tooth, scale, and claws. Saphira receives a bite on the arm and is scratched lightly, but deals more damage to the Fell Beast, who starts bleeding on the chest. Eragon draws Brisingr and, casting a spell to amplify his own voice, yells out, "Your sword may have flames, but it's not new to me!" Shouting out, "BRISINGR!", the sword with that name also bursts into flames, but these are blue and shine with more power than the Witch-king's. Saphira flies past the Fell Beast and both riders exchange two quick blows that each catches on his blade before they part.

Saphira, can you fly underneath that thing and, when I stand up and stab it in the gut, can you immediately fly upwards and knock the beast dizzy?

Not easy, says Saphira, but not too difficult either!

As both flying creatures prepare to make another charge, Eragon raises his left hand and shouts, "Jierda!" Part of the Witch-king's reins break and he is forces to grabs what's left with his left hand before they fall apart as well. During the distraction, Saphira dives underneath the Fell Beast and begins to soar upwards. Once in range, Eragon immediately thrusts Brisingr into the Fell Beast's belly, ignites the blade, and Saphira headbutts the creature and flies above it. The Witch-king screeches once more, but Eragon blocks out his hearing until it subsides, and attacks mentally once more. The Witch-king, this time, is ready for a counter-attack, but Eragon puts all his frustration into a spear of mental adamant and thrusts it at the mind of the Witch-king, but almost immediately feels nothing. The Witch-king has removes his mind from Eragon's mental vision...for now.

The Fell Beast is urged upwards, and as Saphira and the Fell Beast pass each other, the two riders clash their swords together extremely fast, but then Saphira bits into the Fell Beast's tail and rips a large chunk off. Screeching in pain, the Fell Beast turns around and swipes at Saphira's face, but the dragon moves her head back and pounces onto the Fell Beast's back and dives downwards. As the two dragonoids slam into the Nurnen ground, a huge cloud of dusts erupts as the Fell Beast crumples and rolls down a hill. Saphira jumps off of the supposedly dead creature and roars in triumph, fire emitting from her jaws, but when Eragon looks, he realizes that the Witch-king is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he hears whirling and turns around to see the Lord of the Nazgul with his longsword in his right hand, now extinguished of flames, and a flail in his left hand. Eragon turns to Saphira.

Saphira, I have to face him. Please, just go and make sure that...other thing...doesn't wake up. I don't think it's dead.

Eragon... pleads Saphira

Please! I'll deal with this wraith. If he's about to kill me, then help.

You get yourself in danger too much by doing things like this.

I killed Galbatorix and you helped kill Shruikan. Don't you think I can handle this?

I love you, Eragon.

I know. I know. Eragon bows his head solemnly.

Turning to face Angmar, Eragon unhooks his kiteshield from his saddle and jumps off of Saphira, who rushes over to where the Fell Beast had fallen. Eragon grips Brisingr and advances towards the Wich-king.

"So, what are you, anyway?" he asks.

The Witch-king hisses. "Lord of this place below the Lidless Eye only."

"And who," asks Eragon, "May I ask is this Lidless Eye?"

"When you have fallen, you will lay before him, and before the sun is down!"

"Or will you fall before the sun is down, wraith?"

The Witch-king, who is now within range of Eragon's blade, swings his flail at Shadeslayer's left arm, but Eragon rolls to the side and, extending his right hand and grasping Brisingr with only his thumb clamped to his palm, casts a telekinetic spell which causes Angmar's flail to hurl backwards, catching him off balance. Eragon immediately rushes forward and stabs at Angmar in the chest. Angmar screeches, but does not fall, only steps back and hisses at Eragon.

"How can you penetrate the protection set by the Eye?"

Eragon does not respond except to swing his sword again, this time at Angmar's neck, but the Witch-king deflects with his longsword. Both warriors hold their swords together and ignite them at the same time, orange flames against blue. As they end up face-to-face, Angmar hisses, and emite the Black Breath. Coughing, Eragon disengages and backs up, lifting his shield as Angmar strikes it with his flail, snapping off the lower portion. Eragon curses and casts another telekinetic spell, this time causing Angmar to trip. Falling to the ground amid clanging armor, Eragon leaps up and tries to impale the rising Witch-king in the back, but the Lord of the Nazgul swings his flail, causing Eragon to fall down in an attempt to dodge the weapon.

Angmar fully rises and whirls his flail over his head. Eragon raises his shield to block any blow, and when it comes, Eragon yells out "Jierda!" Immediately, the chain connecting the flail head to the handle rusts and breaks. Angmar looks at the metal bar he's left with and throws it at Eragon, who tosses it aside with a swing of his shield. Angmar holds his Longsword in two hands and swings at Eragon's head, and the two exchange continued blows that seem to last forever, until finally Eragon receives a cut on the waist that goes through his chainmail. Angmar screeches, maybe a form of laughter, but Eragon just grimaces at the scratch and charges the Witch-king. The warriors continue to clash at each other with their blades, until suddenly Eragon feels his mind invaded by a strange presence: The Witch-king is making his first mental attack. Falling to his knees, Eragon cannot prepare a mental shield to block the attack and immediately is overrun by a furious wave of anger and rage. The Witch-king lifts up his sword and prepares for the killing strike, but suddenly, a roaring pain is heard as both fighters turn to see Saphira swiping half of the now-conscious Fell Beast's lower jaw off. Bleeding from a huge bite wound in her side, Saphira then claws at what's left of the Fell Beast's neck and he falls to the ground, bleeding even more than Saphira is. Eragon yells and drops his shield, and rushes towards his dragon, who falls onto her side.

SAPHIRA! NO! You'll be okay, don't worry, you've had worse wounds...

Eragon...I see...BEHIND YOU!

Whirling around, Eragon is grasbed by the throat by the Witch-king of Angmar, who hisses out, "You fool. No man can kill me."

Eragon grunts and tries to wrench Angmar's hand away but it feels like iron. He tries to cast a spell, but his mind is overrun again by angry waves of mental assault, but Eragon mentally screams and creates a huge shield around his mind and, with his left hand, draws his hunting knife and rams it with all his might into the Witch-king's helmet. Screeching, Angmar drops Eragon, who falls to his knees and grabs back Brisingr. Angmar grasps the knife and rips it from his helmet and tosses it aside, then makes an overhead strike at Eragon, who only just deflects it. The two clash their swords together twice more until Eragon casts another curse of telekinesis, causing Angmar to fly backwards and land on his rear, his sword flying away. Eragon rushes forward, but the Witch-king reaches into his robes and draws out a Morgul-knife. Eragon stares with open eyes at the blade and, still holding a mental shield before his mind, slashes at Angmar's sword arm. Angmar jerks his hand back, then leaps forward and rams his knife into Eragon's side...................................................or so he intends to do. Right before his knife comes into contact with Eragon's flesh, Saphira, who has shrugged away the initial pain of her bite, runs forward and strikes Angmar with her wing, sending him flying. Angmar screeches and crumples, but has landed right next to his sword. Picking it up, he thinks about charging Eragon, but suddenly remembers something and turns away, walking into the distance.

Eragon sighs at seeing Saphira alive, but almost immediately crumples to the ground. Vomiting, Eragon looks at his right hand and realizes that it has turned completely black. The Black Shadow has fallen upon him. Looking at Eragon with surprise, Saphira begins to gag in a slightly reptilian way, and slumps. Tears begin welling in Eragon's eyes as he looks at Saphira.


This is it, Eragon. Says Saphira. It's over.

Saphira...I don't want to go. I know you don't want to either.

I know, but it is a path we all have to take sooner or later.

Any way than this! Yells Eragon.

Firnen...I'll wait for him. We both will. We'll get to see Glaedr, and Oromis, and...Brom! Eragon, we'll see your father!

Father...Arya. Eragon's vision begins to blur and in the corners, starts turning black. Arya...if only I could have seen last time......

Eragon's last thought is of his final moments with Arya, both of them standing on Talita when Firnen the emerald dragon lifted her up and brought her back to shore. Eragon Bromsson the Shadeslayer's last feeling was of being carried somewhere, somewhere safe and happy, now that his life had ended.

Winner: The Witch-King of Angmar

Expert's OpinionEdit

This was the hardest piece of fiction, emotionally, for me to write. Probably because I started reading the Inheritance Cycle as a child and have grown to it and have loved it for almost 6 years. Until now, it was impossible for me to imagine Eragon dying. EVER. In an extremely close fight, the Witch-king's infectious Black Breath and Black Shadow are key factors in winning the day. When it comes to the riders of dragon or dragon-like creatures, nothing beats The Lord fo the Rings!

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Battle vs. Kyouko Sakura (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Kyouko Sakura walked through a desolated wasteland, wondering where she was. Suddenly, she heard the sound of some massive creature flying through the he air. Kyouko turned to see a dragon-like creature flying above her, a man in black armor on its back.

"That looked a lot like those things from the Lord of the Rings movie", Kyouko thought

The Witch King of Angmar turned his Fell Beast towards the red-clad figure that walked through the wasteland of Mordor, the fell beast's jaw's wide open.

Kyouko saw the Fell Beast fly at her, and transformed her spear into a chain whip and swung it through the air, saying "Ha, Bring it on!", as she did. The chain caught the Fell Beast around the neck and pulled it to the ground. Kyouko transformed her weapon back into a spear and thrust it into the head of the Fell Beast, killing it.

Furiously, the Witch King of Angmar got up and neared Kyouko. Kyouko felt a slight uneasiness in her chest and throat and a chill throughout her body, the effect of the Black Breath. The Witch King swung his flail at the girl who had killed his mount. Kyouko dodged the attack. The Witch King made another downward strike, which Kyouko dodged again.

Kyouko extended her spear to its maximum length, only for the Witch King to swing his flail, catching it around the spear. Kyouko drew back, pulling away the flail.

Furious, the Witch King drew his sword with one hand, setting it on fire with his magic powers, before drawing the Morgul Dagger with the other hand. Kyouko rolled out of the way of the flaming sword, but was struck in the side by the Morgul blade.

Kyouko felt an excruciating pain in her side as the Witch King walked up to her, sword in hand.

"You won't beat me that easily!", Kyouko yelled defiantly. Suddenly, three giant spears, about 30 feet tall and six feet wide erupted out of the ground, the head of the middle one slicing off the Witch King's head, killing him instantly.

Kyouko turned away as the giant spears disappeared, the pain in her side getting more intense. Kyouko fell to her knees as the pain from the cursed wound of the Morgul blade got more intense.

Kyouko fell face down on the floor and said, "Sayaka... I'll be... coming home... soon", were the last words Kyouko said before she joined her fallen friend, Sayaka, in death.


Expert OpinionEdit

Experts were divided on whether Kyouko's superior agility, or the Witch King's superior experience and deadly Morgul Blade would win the battle, resulting in a tie.

Original votes, weapons, and battle here.

Battle vs Alex Mercer (by Cfp3157)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit


Battle vs. Perseus (Greek mythology) (by Drayco90)Edit


The Cloaked Man stroked his dark hair in frustration, leering at the scientists with his cold fuchsia eyes, the only thing that could be seen from the blackness cast over his face from the shadows of his hood. His glare made the scientists nervous as they ran back and forth with their math, making mistakes only under his personal watch.

“Osborn, when I brought you and your men in, I didn’t just expect results. I demanded them.” He turned his gaze to the red-headed man in the corner.

“And believe me, Cloak, you’ll have your results. We’ve never worked with something so…mystical as the M’Kraan Crystal. It’s like doing an autopsy on a Unicorn- it takes time before-“

“I don’t have time. When will the machine be ready?”

“We can begin experimental testing now, but it will likely be a few months before it will be completely functional.”

Cloak paused for a moment, before deciding. “Turn on the machine. I want him here now.”

“But Cloak-“

“Osborn, sometimes you need to run before you can walk. Turn on the machine.”

Norman Osborn sighed, but complied. As he pulled the lever, a large antenna descended from the dome ceiling above the test room. With the flip of a switch, a burst of purple lightning shot forth from the tip of the antenna, cascading about the room. In seconds, a whirlpool of shadows was growing in the center of the electric storm, taking form slowly at first, but the black began to form into the shape of tattered robes. With a burst of electrical energy, something was left kneeling on the floor.

Removing their goggles, Cloak and Osborn entered the test chamber, where they saw him- smoke rolling off his freshly reborn visage, his pointed metal helm seemed to ooze fear. With a hideous screech that brought Norman to his knees in pain and fear, the Witch King was reborn.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, dark one.” Cloak greeted the Witch-King with a sweeping bow. The Nazgul screeched again, softer, as it turned it’s head to meet the Cloaked Man.

“I’m sure you’re wondering how you are here, and why. The short of it is we have used but a fragment of an alien crystal to power a weapon to tear through the Nexus of All-Realities. And all it took to bring you back from the hands of death was a single fragment. I have brought you back for one reason- there’s another fragment we need to keep things operational, and none in my employ can retrieve it. It is guarded by a great hero, dwelling in a special temple just outside the Elysium Fields in the nicer parts of the Underworld. I suppose you wouldn’t be familiar with that particular area, all things considered.”

The Witch-King said nothing.

“We have a Fell Beast waiting for you to go there. You need to take the Crystal, and kill the hero who guards it- Perseus. And don’t even consider going off to do…Ringwraith things. You have no choice but recover the M’Kraan Crystal, just as you had no choice but search for the ring.”

“…You talk too much.” The Witch-King hissed as he drew his fearsome flail, walking away.

“My fatal flaw, I suppose.” Cloak mused as he watched from the observation room, seeing the black shadow of the Nazgul atop a mighty Fell Beast, prepared to strike terror once more into the lands of man…





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Battle vs. Miraak (by Janemba 901) Edit

The two clashed their respective swords each having a hard time overcoming the other's strenght. The Witch-King won the clash and flew far away with his Fell Beast. Miraak flew high in the realms sky when suddenly flames had hit Sahrotaar who shrugged it off. The Witch-King's Fell Beast flew higher getting out of Miraak's sigh. After a few more flame blasts the Fell Beast and Sahrotaar fired both of their flames at eachother. The Fell Beast narrowly dodged while Sahrotaar took all of it. The Fell Beast collided with Sahrotaar and bit at his neck. Sahrotaar chomped on the Fell Beast's neck and snapped it but..... Sahrotaar landed on the arena(Where you fight Miraak) his spine snapped and was put to rest. Miraak ate his soul and turned to the staggering Witch-King. "This is the end for you" Miraak said "Fool. You are not very intelligent challenging a the ruler of Angmar and the leader of the Nazgul." The Witch-King replied. "Why aren't you cheerful" Mirrak said before charging at the Witch-King. The Witch-King flung his Flail  but Miraak narrowly dodged the attack and blocked the Nazgul longsword. Miraak jumped back as The Witch-King ignited his longsword with flames. Miraak got out his staff and shot forth however it was blocked by the longsword. Miraak then chanted the words "FUS RO DAH!" The Witch-King was sent flying, slamming against a pillar. Miraak had luckily stunned the Witch-King but the shouts had to recharge. The Witch-King summoned Karsh who attacked. Miraak was able to dodge. He fired a lightning bolt while summoning his ward. Karsh dodged but couldn't get through the ward.  Miraak attacked with his sword and Karsh evaporated into dust. The Witch-King used his sorcery but Miraak's shout had recharged and use Become Etheral so the sorcery didn't hit him. The Witch-King, Now furious swung the Flail again. Hitting Miraak in the chest. "Foolish man. No Man can kill me." The Witch-King said. "I may be a man..... BUT I HAVE THIS!" Miraak healed himself. Luckily the Witch-King wasted enough time that the shout had recharged. Miraak called for Dragon Aspect, did a little spin and slashed across the Witch-King. The Witch-King let out a wail and a shockwave happend. Suddenly that same wail would return and the Witch-King would start to get crushed. The Witch-King had turned into a piece of clothes and armor. Miraak had won.

WINNER: Miraak

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Miraak's weapons were created by Hermaeus Mora  and are technically godly which The Witch-King has a weakness against.

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