Oppression is no excuse for vengeance, for murder. I wonder... does the death of innocent people cut down on the streets as they flee, free you? I think not.
— Professor Charles Xavier

The legendary X-Men were founded by Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant telepath who had spent many of his adult years studying mutation. Following an encounter with the Shadow King,Xavier determined to protect the world from the threat of evil mutants as well as foster a world that would enshrine peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. Working in conjunction with Moira MacTaggart, he eventually decided to start a school for mutants and train them to be what would eventually become the X-Men.

Charles turned his father's estate into Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, his earliest student being young Jean Grey, who was only twelve years old when her mental powers manifested. He constructed the Danger Room to test mutants, and developed Cyberno,a prototype mutant detector that was later replaced by a more powerful machine called Cerebro.

After years of preparation, Charles decided it was time to recruit the young mutants of whom he had been keeping track when anti-mutant hysteria had hit its peak. With reports about a young mutant who accidentally endangered and then saved a crowd of people with an optic blast, Charles traveled to Washington D.C. and sought out FBI agent Fred Duncan, who was assigned to investigate reports of mutants. Xavier convinced Duncan to allow him to attempt to enroll young mutants in his private school and train them to battle evil mutants: after a brief show of power on the Professor's part, Duncan agreed to do things Xavier's way.

In the following days, Charles recruited Scott Summers, the very mutant who was involved in the news story. Rescuing the boy from the clutches of evil mutant Jack Winters, Scott became the first of the X-Men, operating under the code name Cyclops. Next, the Professor and Cyclops rescued young Bobby Drake, a mutant with ice powers, from an angry lynch mob. He joined the group as Iceman. Xavier's next recruit was the winged Warren Worthington III, who had already started a solo career as the high-flying Angel. After a brief battle, Angel agreed to join the group. The next recruit was the dexterous and intelligent Henry McCoy, who the X-Men had to rescue from would-be conqueror The Conquistador. Rounding off the group, Charles also had Jean Grey join as Marvel Girl.

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Battle vs. Yokai Newspaper Club (by MrPacheco101)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit

The X-Men were narrowly able to defeat their anime foes due to their superior ranged abilities, which far exceeded the Yokai's more melee oriented warriors. The X-Men also were a mixture of brains and brawn, which gave them an edge over the more muscle, less strategy mind set of the Newspaper Club, and Cyclop's genius level tactical and leadership skills allowed the X-Men to work together better and ensure a win for the Children of the Atom.

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