The Yokai Newspaper Club was founded by homeroom teacher Ms. Shizuka Nekonome and consists of the entire Rosario + Vampire cast. Besides selling newspaper as they are suppose to do The Newspaper Club have been in many adventures across the Makai World and Human world encountering 100 year old witches to a terrorist school group bent on breaking the barrier between the human and demon world , all while keeping a peaceful relationships between human and monsters; The Newspaper Club's main villain is the terrorist group known as Fairy Tale whose sole goal is to ressurect the great 1000 year old shinso vampire Alucard and destroying human society, so monsters will rule the entire earth in chaos. The Newspaper Cub is known to house some of the most powerful fighters in the entire school and has reputation in digging up the truth, even if it cost them their lives.

Battle vs. X-Men (Golden Age) (by MrPacheco101)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit

The X-Men were narrowly able to defeat their anime foes due to their superior ranged abilities, which far exceeded the Yokai's more melee oriented warriors. The X-Men also were a mixture of brains and brawn, which gave them an edge over the more muscle, less strategy mind set of the Newspaper Club, and Cyclop's genius level tactical and leadership skills allowed the X-Men to work together better and ensure a win for the Children of the Atom.

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