Bàoxiào guójiā yǐ zuìdà de zhōngchéng dù. (Serve the country with the utmost loyalty)
— Yue Fei

Yue Fei was reportedly born to a poor family and join the military at a young age. He excelled in the martial arts, reportable being ambidextrous, and could fire a a bow equally well with both hands and was a master at spear play. Through out his military career he advanced in rank and increased the size of his army, leading many successful military campaigns. Eventually corrupt officials had him imprisoned, and he lived out his final days in prison. He was eventually killed in prison but it's not entirely certain how, multiple sources claiming several different ways.

Battle vs. Owain Glyndŵr (by Swg66)Edit

The battle opens up with Owian sitting at his camp, cooking something for dinner. On the hill above Yue Fei rides on his horse and see's Glyndŵr at his camp. Taking out his bow he aims and fires a shot and Owain. As he reaches for his dinner Owian it startled when a arrow hits right in front of his hand ans stumbles back. Looking up he sees Yue Fei knotting another arrow and manages to put his shield up in time to block a Fei's dead on shot. Grabbing his own bow Glyndŵr fires his own shot at Yue Fei glancing off his helmet.

Seeing he's lost the element of surprise, Fei takes his spear and rides down the side of the hill to attack. Seeing his opponent on the move Owian gets on his own horse and takes up his lance and rides to meet Yue Fei. As the two opponents come into view of each other. Yue Fei shouts as he orders his horse to charge, Glyndŵr raises is lance shouting "Harlech!" as he charges as well. As they two pass each other Owain's lance grazes Fei's armor, catching it and taking his off his horse. Hitting the ground, Fei quickly gets back on his feet picks up his spear and Owain circles around to make another pass. Just as Glyndŵr get near, Fei thrust's with the spear, not hitting Glyndŵr but tripping his horse, throwing Owain violently to the ground. As Owain get back up, Fei rushes with his spear to try and finish off the Welsh man. As he strike however, Owain hit's it away with his shield. Fei continues to assault Owain with quick and elaborate spear techniques, however can penetrate Owains defenses or armor. When trying to stab at Owain's feet, Owain steps on the spear head, and breaks the shaft of the spear with his shield. Looking shocked at this Fei looks up just in time to be slammed by Glyndŵr's shield. Seeing he can't get through his opponents armor, he runs off to try something else. Glyndŵr goes after his,but his heavier armor makes him fall behind.

Yue Fei is back at his own camp and retrieves his grenade and head back to the fight. Owain, having stopped at his own camp after losing sight of his opponent and picks up his hand cannon and lights the firing fuse on his camp fire. Looking up he see's Fei coming into view. He lines up the shot and fires at Fei, hitting him the the should, taking a piece out of his armor and knocking him off balance. Not deterred Fei lights his grenade and throws it at Glyndŵr, Seeing coming in Owain puts his shield up. The grenades primitive fuse causes it to detonate earlier than intended but is still close enough to ring Owains bell and severally damage his shield. Seeing his opponent being knocked off balance Fei draws his Dao and charges Owain, determined to finish the fight. Owain seeing Fei charging, takes out his long sword and deflects Fei's attack. The two start dueling, Fei on the offensive striking quickly and with wide swings trying to fit Owain in the only place he apparently doesn't have armor, his head. With another swing down, to try in strike Owian on his head his sword is caught in the cross guard of Owain long sword. Twisting his wrist, Owian throws Fei's arms away and trikes him on the head with the pommel of his sword. Stunned and dazed Fei stumbles back and falls to his knees. Owain steps forth and thrusts with his sword threw the scales of Fei's armor and into Fei's chest. Fei coughs up blood and fall and fall to the ground. Glyndŵr looking down at his fallen opponent raising sword in front of his face in a salute to his fallen, worthy opponent, then he raises his sword shouting "Cambria ne'er can yield!".


Expert's OpinionEdit

Neither warriors were much better than the other in terms of skill, so this came down to equipment. In the end, it was Owain's superior arsenal, coupled with his armor, that won him the day.

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Battle vs Julius Caesar (by MilenHD)Edit

The battle begins somewhere in China as Yue and 4 of his Song warriors are training and meditating,some where training with their jians,other with their bow.Not far Caesar,3 Legionaries and 1 Centurion are marching towards them,in the next moment Caesar gives and order to his men to aim the bows and make a rain of arrows,after shooting the arrows one of the Song warriors in the chest.



Meanwhile, Yue aim his Manchu bow and shot one of legionaries between the eyes.



Then Caesar pulls out his Crocea Mors and charge with his legionaries and centurion,Yue and his song warriors made a tactic to charge,but suddenly Caesar gave an order to his man to make a testudo formation to block the qiangs,but one of the legionaries get too late in the formation and gets stab in the face with qiang,in the same time a centurion stab a song warrior with his hasta.



Then Yue sneaks behind the centurion with his dao gam and stab him in the neck,in the same time one of song warriors gets stab in the heart with Caesar's Croceas Mors,then turns and smack another Song warrior with his scutum and then finally cut his throat.



Then Yue pulls out his jian and charge at the last legionary,first he kick him in the head, knocking his helmet and slash across the neck with his jian.



Then Yue turned around and saw Caesar charging at him and the both begin a dual,first Caesar tried to smack Yue with his scutum but Yue doge it,the Yue slash across Caesar's arm and he dropped his Crocea Mors,then you knock him from balance. Then Yue prepares to kill Caesar except Caesar pulls out his pugio, and stab Yue in the chest killing him.



Then Caesar gets up with his bloody pugio and roars "Veni, Vidi, Vici!"(I came,I saw,I conquered) in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Caesar won because he dominates the the fight both in close and long range,he had a better x-factors and armor then Yue,Yue only won in mid range and audicity.

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Battle vs Richard the Lionheart, Honda Tadakatsu, Genghis Khan, Rashid ad-Din Sinan, Harald Hardrada & Gilles de Rais in the Ancient Real Life Grail War (by Wassboss) Edit


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