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The history should briefly describe the zombie hunters from the movie "Night of the Living Dead". The history doesn't need to be real long. I should be about as long as the infobox, give or take a few paragraphs. If you write a history, please remove this existing text, and your contribution to this wiki will be appreciated.

Battle vs. Vampire Slayers (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Zombie Hunters: Red Red Red Red Red

Vampire Slayers: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Out in the middle of nowhere, an old cabin with sand bags and barbed wire stands alone. Inside, five zombie hunters are looking over there weapons. Suddenly, they hear a horn in the distence. They go outside and see a SUV parking nearby. They open the gate to the yard, thinking there survivers. Meanwhile, five vampire slayers come out and see the hunters. They see the hunters as a threat. As one of the hunters welcomes the slayers in, one of the slayers shoots him with a crossbow. Red

The other zombie hunters see this and rush inside and grab there weapons. From the back of the SUV, the Slayers pickup there tools of the trade. The crossbow slayer runs to the back of the cabin, hopeing to sneak in. But one of the zombie hunters hears him coming. So he bursts out the backdoor and kills the vampire slayer with his minigun. Blue One of the zombie hunters goes to an upstairs window. He opens it, pulls out his AK 47 and shoots a vampire slayer. Blue

One of the vampire slayers picks up a shotgun and walks towards the house, dodging AK bullets. When he gets close enough, he shoots the zombie hunter in the head. Red

The shotgun slayer goes inside the cabin and looks for more hunters. From all the way back to the SUV, the slayers hear reving and the screams of there comrade. They go inside and see the shotgun slayer was cut almost in half by a chainsaw. Blue

One of the vampire slayers sees the zombie hunter with the chainsaw. The slayer sneaks up behind the hunter and stabs a stake through his skull. Red The other remaining slayer goes upstairs while the first slayer waits in the SUV. Upstairs, the vampire slayer sees a zombie hunter. The slayer pulls out the Sword of St. George while the hunter picks up her crowbar. The two femme fatales duel, but the slayer gets the upper hand by catching one of the crowbar's ends, knocks it out of the hunters hand, and stabs her with the sword. Red

The slayer smirks until she looks and sees the minigun hunter with a smirk of his own when he pulls the trigger. Blue

Back at the SUV, the last vampire slayer waits for his partner. Suddenly, the driver's side window breaks and the vampire slayers is wacked in the face to death by a crowbar. Blue

The Zombie Hunter smiles and starts singing "Well, you work all day and you work the play in the heat and the sand and the blazing sun. And when you go home and your work is done, you an't got nothing but fun."

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that the Vampire Hunters lost because their weapons only really hurt vampires and were a bit old-fashioned, while the weapons of the Zombie Hunters were not only deadly to anyone but also very battle-efficient.

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Battle vs. Viet Cong (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Viet Cong: RedRedRedRedRedRed

Zombie Hunter: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

In the Jungles of Vietnam, a RV full of Zombie Hunters treks through the mud. The Hunter leader (who is a Vietnam vet) is talking about his battles. The driver suddenly sees a look-out tower up ahead. Meanwhile, in the tower, a Viet Cong sniper sees the RV and shoots the driver with his Dragunov.Blue

Without a driver, the RV crashes into the look-out tower. The sniper falls out of the tower and onto the hood of the RV. The Zombie Hunter leader sees the sniper. He says "At least it's not zombies." as he shoots the sniper in the head with his Hunting Rifle.Red

The hunters come out of the RV with all of there weapons. Meanwhile, the rest of the Viet Cong see what has happened, and there leader shouts "Nguoi My!" which is Vietnamese for Americans. The Viet Cong grab there weapons and charge toward the Zombie Hunters. One of the Zombie Hunters shoots one of the Viet Cong in the chest with his AR-15.Red

Suddenly, the AR-15 Hunter trips and falls in the mud. He get's back up and tries to shoot a Kinh with an AK-47, who laughs when his gun jams with mud and shoots him.Blue

As both warriors spread out, the Zombie Hunter leader and a second Hunter chases a Kinh though some tall grass. The Kinh steps over a trip wire, and the Zombie Hunter leader stops the youngster just in time. The leader cuts the trip wire and points toward the Punji Stake Ball it would have sent flying toward the Hunter. As the Hunter looks at the Stake Ball in terror, the Kinh that they were chasing sneaks up behind them and shoots the second Zombie Hunter in the back with his MAT-49.Blue

Before the the Kinh can kill the leader, a third Zombie Hunter rips the Kinh apart with a chainsaw.Red

The leader gives the chainsaw hunter a pat on the back for saving his life. Meanwhile, a female hunter sprays a Kinh with Uzi fire.Red

She treks on and finds a POMZ-2 trap. She remembers what the leader said about them, but she can't help thinking she is forgetting something. As she cuts the trip wire, she pulls out the mine....and sets off the F1 Grenade.Blue

The Zombie Hunter leader sees the AK Kinh and throws a Molotov Cocktail, which lights him on fire. Before he dies, he runs towards the trees, which catches fire too.Red

As a rageing inferno burns, the Viet Cong leader runs towards the entrance of some underground tunnels. The two leaders fire back and forth, the Viet Cong leader with his TT-33, and the Zombie Hunter leader with his Six-Shooter. A few moments later, inside the tunnels, the younger Zombie Hunter catches up the the VC leader, who tries to shoot him, but he's out of ammo. As the Zombie Hunter pulls out his Katana, the VC leader runs over to a table and finds an AK with a Bayonet and some TT-33 ammo. He takes both, and tries to stab with his knife, but the hunter blocks with his sword. This goes on for a bit until the VC leader kicks the Zombie Hunter....into a Punji Stake pit.Blue

The VC leader hears the leader coming towards the room he's in, he reloads his pistol and shoots the Hunter in the head before he can even turn around.Blue

The VC leader spits on the Zombie Hunter's corpse. Later, he comes out of the tunnels, downhill from were he started, looks at the burning fire, and takes a moment of silence for his fallen comrades.

Winner:Viet Cong

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that the Viet Cong's major advantage was being ingenious masters of warfare whereas the Zombie Hunters struggled to fight monsters with no brains. Zombie Hunters were just people with guns, while Viet Cong were actual trained soldiers.

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